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How to choose a toilet bowl: built-in or hinged tank

Modern plumbing manufacturers offertwo systems of installation of a drain tank: built in and hinged. It's not so easy to make a choice, so we decided to figure it out and clarified all the characteristics that will help you make the right decision. When it comes to such sanitary products as a toilet, many hide shyly look, and in vain - it is known that a person for spent his whole life on the toilet for about five years. The toilet bowl is divided according to the location of the flush tank into two types. There are monoblocks, when the tank and seat are a common product, and the toilet with a concealed tank, mounted in the wall. Features monoblock (integrated draintank) This is a well-known plumbing product with a built-in tank that is mounted to the floor. Of the merits of this decision, we can emphasize the following:

  • the model range of monoblocks is very diverse;
  • the installation of such a toilet does not require serious preparatory work - it is only necessary that the drain pipe should come out at a suitable height and that the tank can be connected to water;
  • repair and replacement of the candy bar takes a little time.

But from the shortcomings stand out:

  • the complexity of maintaining the purity of the device;
  • noise when draining the water in the tank;
  • unchanged standard seat height, which is inconvenient for people taller than 176 centimeters.

Toilet bowl with hinged concealed cistern This is a suspendeda toilet that does not touch the floor and seems to float above it, and all communications and mechanisms are hidden in the wall. The advantages of such a solution are many, we list only the main ones:

  • aesthetic appearance;
  • ease in cleaning and maintaining cleanliness;
  • No noise when recruiting water in the tank;
  • possibility to change the location of the toilet;
  • possibility to repair equipment and internal mechanisms.

The shortcomings of the hidden system are only two:

  • for the installation of such a system, preparatory construction works and assembly of the installation frame are required;
  • for installation requires space at the wall or the organization of a special niche in it.

Yuri Lee, head of the Moscow Sales DepartmentTESE: - Hidden installation of connection to water and sewer pipes is the main advantage, forcing the population to pay attention to the systems of installations. The toilet can be placed in any part of the bathroom, besides often the installation allows you to save space. All the pipes and valves are hidden behind the false wall, this room is easier to clean and maintain cleanliness in it. The floor in the room retains its pattern when tiled. Also our models provide economical water consumption and low noise level. One of the popular manufacturers of hidden systemsinstallation in Russia is the company TESE, which produces both frame systems, and installations, and flush panels. It is the removable panel that is the very element of the whole system that attracts at first sight. The flush key does not only perform a functionalrole, but also decorative. With its help you can open the theme of the interior of the bathroom or designate accents. The range of flush keys depends on the manufacturer. offers a fairly wide range, among which you can choose a panel for any interior. For the bathroom in a modern style, the panels of the Square collection are ideal. The styles of high-tech or minimalism will reveal themselves inthe Loop collection, where the keys are mounted in a special glass, for which various color variants are provided. A total of 104 combinations are possible! And you can pick up the key for a bright bath in the Loop Modular collection. In this series there are more color options for the glass panel and there are also special antibacterial keys. A distinctive feature of these glass flush panels is that they are installed on one level with the wall, and attention is attracted by the bright appearance.