Selective guide

Cooking is easy: convenient cooking utensils

Pleasant trifles make life easier. Especially when it comes to cooking dishes. We offer to your attention 30 surprisingly simple and incredibly useful kitchen appliances that you have always dreamed about. Cooking is a creative and exciting process. But are not you tired of boring yourself with such painstaking and boring pursuits as cleaning potatoes or chopping greens? If yes, then you have two options: to get a servant or to use the amazing in its simplicity and functionality adaptations from our selection.

1. Separator for apples (or apple cutters)

Only neat beautiful slices and no bones. The main thing is to find the apple in size.

2. Knife for removing strawberry tails

It remains only to go for cream.

3. Hole punch for cherries

Just imagine: cherries are pitted. Dreams Come True!

4. Molds for frying eggs

You have not seen such a beautiful fried egg yet. All ingenious is simple.

5. Knife-snail for cleaning oranges

And your manicure will not suffer! You can use it for cleaning oranges, as well as decor.

6. Grid for cutting avocado

With a light movement of the hand, the avocado pulp turns into neatly sliced ​​pieces.

7. Doser for dough

Do you want your cupcakes to look like twin brothers? Then this thing you need.

8. Cake syringe

Instantly removes the core and frees up space for the filling.

9. Dozer for oil

Especially for those who have every calorie in their account.

10. "Armor" for the fingers

And the onion is cut, and the fingers are intact!

11. The device for cutting bananas

This device saves you time and energy six times!

12. Corn Purifier

Another item is the manicure savior. Now you will love the corn even more.

13. Mug for lazy people

Just imagine: she herself stirs sugar. The secret is in the batteries hidden in the bottom.

14. The knife for greenery

With such a knife you definitely will not cut yourself. In addition, it is compact and easy to use.

15. Original salad knife

Feel yourself a karate cook. Cut the bunch of lettuce with one blow.

16. Windmill for greenery

With the help of this mill, it is easy to cut greens for cooking or drying seasonings.

17. The fist knuckle

A great tool to relieve stress! A few strokes - and the chop is ready, and the steam is released.

18. A mango removal tool

An irreplaceable thing for lovers of exotics.

19. The knife for a strawberry

Quickly, simply, beautifully.

20. Knife for cutting watermelons

Special sharpening of the blade allows you to cut the watermelon so that the juice does not leak. The design is designed in the appropriate style.

21. Tool for removing the core from apples

With this tool, you can remove the bones from the apple without cutting it.

22. A bowl-colander

Now you do not need to shift the fruit from the plate to the colander and back.

23. A bowl with ice

In this bowl, sliced ​​vegetables and fruits will keep a fresh, attractive appearance even after a long stay on the table.

24. Clamp for the spoon

Do not put a dirty spoon on the table or rinse it after each sample of the dish. Just attach it to the pan using this device.

25. Pulverizer for lemon juice

Just stick it in a lemon and use it.

26. Sauce Maker, who is always with you

The perfect solution for buffets.

27. Sieve for canned food

A trifle, but nice.

28. The assistant in slicing the onion

And do you also slip your bow out of your hands while slicing? Now you can forget about this inconvenience.

29. Crusher for garlic

A stylish and convenient tool that will help you without much effort to crush a clove of garlic.

30. Rotary knife

This knife is equipped with three blades. With its help you will playfully peel the skin from various vegetables.