Opening the season: ideas for daily bicycle storage -


The weather is not happy? It's temporary, and you do not have time to blink with an eye, as neighbors will take their pedal horses out for a walk, and your hands will themselves be pulled to where you keep your own bicycle during the cold. However, as soon as he "sips" the first spring mud, you will face a new task - where to keep the daredevil before another sudden onset of winter. This is the question we will answer today.

Snow still clings to the window panes, but we are allWe also believe in an anticyclone and already mentally turn the pedals. Experience shows: the slower the spring creeps, the more active and concentrated our sports leisure becomes. So you have to prepare for it now. Do you have a bicycle? Do you plan to "uncover" it every day? Then you need to come up with the most comfortable place to store your two-wheeled "horse". That's what we're going to do today.

1. The most logical and unpretentious way to localize a bicycle is a vertical installation on a flat surface. In order not to lean the transport to the wall, select a suitable retainer.

2. You can hang a bike on the wall, especially if the area allows. Fasteners on the market now a great variety.

3. The esthetic version with a claim to multifunctionality allows in some cases to use a bicycle as a zoning element. True, temporary.

4. Fastening organizer - a thing almost ingenious. Why store a bicycle separately from a sports bottle for water and a helmet?

5. Hanging a bicycle on the ceiling is also a good idea. Especially if the ceilings are high, and the hands of a man with a screwdriver are skillful and strong, in this case one can count on a special mechanism for lowering the unit, which even a child can handle.

6. To place a steel horse in a specially designated place for him in a wardrobe, shelving or niche is an excellent option for those who only create a structural plan for storage systems and have not yet distributed all available spaces.

7. If there is a ladder in your house / apartment and it is possible to fasten the fasteners directly underneath it and do it in such a way that the bicycle installed on them does not fall, do it safely.

8. It's a good idea to hang the vehicle for one wheel. It is realized simply, it is operated without effort, it is cheap, it looks effective. What else is needed?