The layout of the kitchen: the most popular schemes and options for placing the kitchen


When we are going to do repairs in the kitchen, we rarelyWe think about the future planning. But it is on it depends on the appearance and practicality of the future cuisine. Today we will consider the 5 most common variants of planning. The process of designing a kitchen is not only an exciting, but also a responsible action. The future planning should reflect not only the architectural features of the dwelling as a whole, but also the needs of the owner - as a cook, accustomed to working in certain conditions. Before making the final decision, familiarize yourself with the most popular layouts in the world. It is possible that you did not even guess about some of the options.

Along the wall

The simplest, however rare in our realitiesVariant of planning. Ideally, this method of organization is suitable for a kitchen combined with a living room, as well as a kitchen space located in the corridor.

Two parallels

Extruded space-cars are always difficultdecorate. When it comes to cooking, the level of complexity increases threefold. However strangely enough, it is best to design such spaces in the most elementary way, emphasizing the seemingly not quite successful form of the room. Of course, to get together a big noisy company in such a kitchen will not succeed, but it is quite possible to create a practical and convenient place for cooking. Opinion of the Editorial Board: - There are two ways of organizing space. The first is to reduce the area to a common geometric denominator: square. The second way is to emphasize a natural, albeit irregular shape. In our opinion, the second option is preferable for any fan of original and non-standard solutions. And something tells us that it's you.


This option is slightly more practical than the "twoParallels "and is perfect for square small rooms with one window. Opposite the window is best to arrange a sink. Washing dishes is not a curse, but a real anti-stress therapy. And if, by inducing purity, you contemplate nature in its constant variability, you will very soon feel the healing power of monotonous work in blessed solitude. Opinion of the Editorial Board: - U-shaped planning is the most common variant of organizing space in our latitudes also because it is easy to install a dining table in such a room. Or his folding version.

Kitchen island

We have already talked about how flexible this is.Subject and how much can be combined within it. If you are concerned about the lack of sufficient space in the kitchen for the oven, work surfaces or cupboards, do not doubt, all this hard burden can be "put on the shoulders" of the kitchen island. And its countertop can be extended a little to the side and organize a dining area in this way. As for the rest of the interior, you can safely organize it to your taste!