Service "Made" reduces the cost of repairs


Service "Done" has reduced the price of repairs andintroduced new economical finishes. The constructor on the site has now added wallpaper for painting, dark laminate, cork plinth, new options for sockets, tiles for bathrooms and plumbing fixtures Most of all, the cost reduction affected apartments in solid and brick buildings. Now the basic one in a monolithic new building will cost 31-39% cheaper and will cost 663,289 rubles instead of 968,333 rubles for a one-room apartment (30 square meters) and 1,162,745 rubles instead of 1,866,698 rubles for a three-room apartment (75 square meters). This is the cost of a major overhaul, which includes all the necessary materials and work, including the construction of walls, electrical distribution and floor screed. In panel houses, from which the service began itswork a year ago, the cost of services also decreased: from 877,436 rubles to 731,369 rubles for the repair of a two-room apartment (55 square meters) and from 1,406,728 rubles to 1,105,531 rubles for the repair of a four-room apartment (100 square meters). New materials were selected by architects, harmoniously combined with each other and at the same time make the work process easier:

  • Wallpaper coloring - their texture conceals small defects in the surface and allows you to reduce the requirements for leveling the walls;
  • Dark laminate and cork in the color of the floor. In addition to the fact that the cork is a beautiful natural material, a soft plinth is easier to install;
  • Overhead rosettes of their form refer to the design of the 1970s. These are simple, but high-quality sockets of the famous Legrand brand;
  • Large tiles 20 x 30 cm in size and coloredGrout - new options for bathroom and toilet. Large tiles are easier to stack. The choice of grout is available for the first time - now you can choose not only white, but also red, gray-green or gray.

Service "Done" launched by IlyaOskolkov-Tsentsiper, Ilya Shargaev and Marko Mikhich-Eftic, officially began its work on July 6, 2015. By October 2016, the company had reached a high level of 50 concurrent repairs. The number of clients of the service exceeded 100 people. The service offers turnkey repairs at a fixed price and time frame and takes care of the entire rework process. You can order repairs from "Sdelano" for almost any home - the service works with 80% of the housing stock in Moscow and the Moscow region.