Garden and plot

How to make a dacha from a barn: a real example


Never you will think, that earlier this summer residence wasUnsightly barn. As the hosts managed to transform it and what design techniques they used, you will learn from our article. The house located in Kentish, northwest of London, belongs to the Harrington family. Initially, the house was a very simple barn made of bricks. Through the efforts of Sally Harrington and her husband, the house underwent considerable changes: it added more space, became lighter due to the correct arrangement of the windows and acquired several original interior solutions, which we will discuss in more detail in this article.

From the dining room to the terrace

The heart of the house where guests like to gather,a spacious dining room became. Sitting at a long wooden table, one can not only enjoy breakfast, but also admire the landscape. Behind tall glass panels, there is an outdoor deck with wooden decking and stunning views of the south side of the garden. How to equip a fashionable garden to the envy of your neighbors - read on. Opinion of the Editorial Board: - Terrace - a good solution for organizing additional space. In conditions of our changeable climate, you should pay attention to the closed terraces or stop at the transitional version (mobile partitions will protect you in bad weather).

Smart layout

The merger became a successful interior solutiondining room and living room with a wide doorway. Following the oak flooring, you can get to an area with a soft sofa and a fireplace, which is so cozy to gather around on cool English evenings. If you got a small living room, it doesn't matter. Read about the advantages of typical layouts of small living rooms in.

Charming bedroom in the attic

We rise up the stairs and fall intoAttic. There was a place for a small but very romantic bedroom. Wooden floor and ceiling cladding, an old carpet of artificial fur, a cotton blanket, wicker chairs and a window with swinging stilts in the headboard fill the room with warmth and comfort. Opinion of the Editorial Board: - Premises located in the attic have a special relaxed atmosphere. Therefore, the ideal solution is to place the attic in the bedroom. The bed is best placed with a headboard to a low wall.

Guest bedroom with antique lamps

In this house there are often guests. In one of the guest bedrooms, whose walls are painted in a rich scarlet color, the owners installed an antique chest of drawers and an oval mirror. The source of light in the dark is the three vintage lamps.

Stylish bathroom

The house has several bathrooms, eachof which it is made in its own unique style. This will appeal to a romantic young lady - pay attention to the French shutters, a mirror in an elegant frame and wicker baskets, which will house a collection of necessary trifles. And how do you like this unusual stone washbasin? We hope you find these ideas helpful and inspiring!,