Sticky bamboo wallpaper by yourself: recommendations

Repair is a laborious process, but pleasant. When a person plans to buy finishing materials for the interior of his house, he thinks not only about their quality, but also about the environment. Such material is the bamboo wallpaper. These paintings have a unique image, textured surface, natural shades. In addition, the gluing of bamboo wallpaper - a simple process. Bamboo wallpaper in the interiorBamboo wallpaper - an integral part of interiors in the oriental style, they are simple in gluing and cleaning.

Materials and tools needed to perform the work

You will need:

  • wallpapers of bamboo;
  • glue;
  • Ruler;
  • saw-hacksaw;
  • roller.

Immediately before gluing the canvas to youyou will need to prepare the walls. In this there is nothing complicated. The main thing is that the walls are level. Next, pick up and prepare a glutinous mixture. Note that the glue must be applied to the walls. Try to cover the edges of the wallpaper well. It should be noted that the most suitable option for gluing bamboo wallpaper is "liquid nails". Thanks to this adhesive composition, the canvases perfectly adhere to brick, concrete walls. Tools for gluing bamboo wallpapers. During the wallpapering, you can use a special vinyl adhesive. If you want to attach them to the plasterboard surface, then use a stapler. Cut the bamboo wallpaper along (with a knife). In doing so, try to cut through the fabric base. Cut the linens across can be done with a saw-saw or electric jigsaw. How to paste bamboo wallpaper with your own hands? When doing the work, be guided by the surface, because that's how you will correctly make a pattern of fiber. Adhesive is applied with strips on the inside of the finishing material. Attach to the right place a cut and glued piece of wallpaper, press, smooth and remove it. Place the blade for 15 minutes to allow it to rest. Next is the gluing of wallpaper from bamboo. Remove excess adhesive mixture with a cloth. To the edges of the canvas fit snugly, at the junctions, walk with the roller. Back to contents</a>

Recommendations for wallpapering your own hands

To qualitatively attach the canvas to the wall,it is recommended to fix them with decorative carnations. When you cut out the material, carefully perform the calculation. In the future, fix the errors will be difficult. Types of bamboo wallpaper. To ensure that the edges are flat when cutting the canvas, try sticking an adhesive tape on the cut line. It must be glued on all sides. Then boldly cut the material. When gluing bamboo wallpaper, never use a glue mixture on a water base. Do not glue the canvas on the walls, treated with plaster on the chalk ground. In addition, it is not recommended to glue the product on the surface with paint, which began to peel off. Do not glue the wallpaper to the outer corners. It is best to trim the material at the edge of the corner, using a special decorating device or molding. If there is glue on the front side, immediately remove it with a dry cloth. It is necessary to understand that wood bamboo canvases are great for pasting not only walls. With their help decorate ceilings, various elements of the interior of premises, delineate the territory into zones. Having bought products from bamboo, you can emphasize the style of the interior. Back to contents</a>

Performing decorating

For decoration use the remains of woodwallpaper. In this case, it all depends on your preferences and wishes. If you comply with the technology and recommendations during the gluing of bamboo products, you will understand that this procedure is simple, but requires maximum accuracy.