Art-deco style in the interiors of a private villa

Today we show you the interiors in the Art Deco styleat the villa of the Italian architect Osvaldo Borsani. You will be surprised at how modern and relevant it looks like what was created in the 1940s. This year the portal together with the famous antiquarian and collector Stefano Urbinati conducted a unique architectural tour. About 20 architects and designers visited the private villa of architect Osvaldo Borsani, located in Varedo (near Milan) and turned into a closed design museum. The architect Natalia Guseva who visited us with the villa was so delighted by what she saw that she decided to share her impressions with the readers. Natalia Guseva, architect In 1986 she graduated from the Art College, in 1994 - the Institute of Architecture and Construction, Faculty of Housing. Now he is the head of his own design bureau Guseva-Style, which was created in 1998. Since its foundation, the team of professionals it has collected has successfully implemented many projects of varying degrees of complexity. This building, which by right is considered a historical monument, has something to surprise and delight the sophisticated designer. The building is located in the small town of Varedo, north of Milan and is built next to the Atelier ABV furniture factory. This factory belonged to Gaetano and was well known and respected. Two sons, two brothers, two future legend legends of the great era of design Lombardy, Oswald and Fulenzio Borsani, could from childhood observe the creation of wooden chairs, tables and other furniture and take part in its manufacture. Sons continued the work of his father, and today the company Techno is recognizable and prestigious. Roomble: Many know the armchair-chaise lounge "P 40" and the folding sofa "D 70" - the first models presented by the furniture factory Techno S. P. A., which was founded by the brothers Borsani. Today it is a large international company that has a worldwide recognition. The factory works mainly with non-standard objects and famous designers, embodying bold ideas.

In 1943, when still a young architectOsvaldo Borsani was at the peak of his career, he designed for his father Gaetano villa, which is a rare surviving example of the architecture of Osvaldo Borsani. The last resident of the house is Karla Borsani, wife of Fulgencio, cousin and business partner. Since the house throughout its history belonged to the Borsan family, in the last 70 years little has changed in it. Natalia Guseva: - Unfortunately, such a treasure of the history of design remains for many unknown. And this is, of course, a missed opportunity for all design lovers, because Villa Borsani presents a fascinating mixture of two styles, two approaches that determined the Italian design of the 20th century: traditionalism and modernism. Having seen once the villa personally, you can realize the place of Osvaldo Borsani in the history of Italian design. Our opinion: - Osvaldo Borsani made a huge contribution to the architecture and design of Italy of the XX century. For his homeland, he is like Fedor Shekhtel for Russia, or both for Europe - and the entire architectural world - Le Corbusier. Natalia Guseva: - Hall surprises with modern design. A weightless staircase made of glass and marble, a contrasting marble floor with a geometric pattern, ultra-modern metal sculpture by Azénor Fabbri - all this is still true today. A lot of interiors in this style are adorned on the pages of fashion magazines.

Rectangular leather sofas, coffee table fromwood and glass in the living room look modern. These pieces of furniture are relevant for today and, most likely, will be relevant for many more years. Osvaldo Borsani not only designed the house himself, but also thought out the entire design of the villa up to the smallest details of the interior. And to create some elements, such as a fireplace portal, Osvaldo invited famous Italian artists.

Incredible beauty fireplace with ceramictiles, made by Lucho Fontana, is a kind of link with the dining area. Smooth marble countertop with its dynamic natural pattern echoes the quaint lines of the fireplace. Natalia Guseva: - A cozy cabinet made of wood, a simple but luxurious bedroom with an intricate dressing table, a bathroom with a touching mosaic pattern, numerous lockers and niches - everything is surprisingly thought out, concise, convenient and functional. At the same time, the overall impression of the interior does not lose its decorativeness, which is one of the important elements of the Art Deco style, the reading and understanding of which I saw in this house.