House and Cottage

Style of the techno: house or museum?


Rapid technological progress has formed a newdesign direction - techno style. He has more and more adherents every year. Let's try to figure out why this is happening. Supermodern technologies, computer innovations, the inevitable onset of urbanization on the patriarchal way of life leave an imprint on the style and way of life of the townspeople. Technical developments and their introduction into everyday life seem to outstrip the pace of their development by our contemporaries. A rare house or apartment nowadays can do without a large set of achievements of civilization that help us literally at every step and make our life optimally organized.

To what has brought progress ...

Techno style originated in the 80s of the last century asa consequence of the development of technological progress and industrialization. At first, he formed a culture of special music, the psychology of life, then he began to transform the interiors of various premises - from disco clubs to restaurants. And finally he came to our dwellings. Cold shine, metal and glass surfaces, rough functional details that no longer hide behind the cladding - all this is techno style. Its most advanced adherents are so actively introducing it into their home that it already smacks of avant-garde. Which, however, does not bother experiment lovers at all. The homes of some techno fans resemble an exhibition or museum of the latest in engineering. However, the desire to equip the room with metal lamps, hanging beams and glass partitions reduces comfort in such interiors to such a minimum that it is already difficult to see it. Therefore, the designers had to look for a middle ground for their tech customers, removing massive structures and using a "light version" of this style.

Geometry forms a space

Living in a techno interior is not easy.The general impression of such premises is gloomy: artificiality, lack of smooth lines, metal frames, concrete partitions, iron spiral staircases, an abundance of technical devices. The grotesqueness of the ideas is embodied in the rough finish and geometric shapes. The color scheme of such interiors involves a limited set of tools. These are mainly shades of gray, metallic, deep blue, dark green, burgundy. The modern tech-nology is less conservative: it allows the intervention of high-tech, eastern asceticism and minimalism with elements of ethnic motives. Furniture in the interior in the style of techno - is glassTables and transparent partitions, metal massive cabinets, perforated legs at the furniture, plastic stools, heavy boxes, bent elements, low sofas and armchairs with muffled shades, wooden armrests, synthetic covers, shapeless armchairs and ottomans resembling an abandoned bag, and a few wooden Accessories.