Interior of a studio apartment

Unique interior photos of small studio apartments


Many Russians live in small apartments.And most often this is not a single young man or a young married couple, but a full-fledged family, and even with several children or with one of the parents. Therefore, we know how important it is to get rid of things in time in order to somehow expand the living space. Readers will definitely be interested in taking a look at small living spaces. Creative people know that when they are put within limits, they find the most unusual ways to fulfill their plans. The result of smart strategic design decisions is the perfect order in the house, and the author is bursting with pride in his creation.

Style is important

Of course, it should be stylish, but what do you likejust for you? Bright colors, pronounced contrasts or measured neutral tones with flashes of accents. For example, on the Mary Cook Associates website, there is such a stirring imagination. Colorful Studio Apartment Frightening?Then maybe you should take a closer look at the work of Drew McGukin Interiors. Neutral background and beautiful. The project looks peaceful, calm, and at the same time dignified and elegant. Design apartment with English solidity in the old district of London - Chelsea Do you have a very small living space? Then it is worth advising to pay attention to the minimalist style. Common area in the basement from MurovecRenovations You live in an attic area, a semi-basement, or due to other features, communications pass through your home. Use industrial or. In them, pipes, beams, raw building textures do not look like a drawback, but as one of the best decors. By the way, an excellent solution for those who do not want to use a wardrobe. Clothes just hang on hangers. Surely, somewhere out of sight of the camera filming this wonderful apartment, there is a chest of drawers for other things. Industrial style Many different design styleshave come up with today. A modern person wants to live in comfort, but he also does not forget about the beauty of the world around him. How, you ask, can you combine high-tech appliances with carved table legs and regular storage cabinets? The answer is very simple. Each thing will find its place, and all you have to do is slightly adjust the interior with the help of small decorative elements so that the mixing of styles becomes organic. For example, in a modern apartment, The Cross Design employees hung and put a floor mirror in a carved wooden frame from the classicism times, through which we see a completely modern kitchen set and a vintage chandelier. Eclectic - a mixture that creates an individual interior

Plan space

So, we have a small living space, and weI want so much to have a bedroom, a living room, and a comfortable kitchen with a dining room. This is possible if professional designers will use every inch of your home functionally. In this case, it will even seem spacious to you. The project from iDesignArch found a place for the legendary Eames Lounge Chair. Paris studio apartment Take a look at the minimalist style of the dining room and the ultra-modern kitchen in the same apartment. The logical layout allows you to enjoyspaciousness It is worth making an important remark. should follow the flow of the bearing wall lines. If there is a narrow pencil case, then you should not clutter it with large furniture across the room. For example, Jordan Parnass Digital Architecture employees installed a bed on a podium at the end of the room, and placed the rest of the furniture along the walls without blocking the space. And only a large corner sofa separates the sleeping area from the living room and workplace. Pastel colors expand the space.


Of course, the presence of large windows, and not yetdraped with heavy curtains, will help make it brighter, more comfortable and more spacious. Naturally, we are not calling for giving up privacy, but it is better to use half-closed blinds. And if your home is on the upper floors and no one looks through the windows, then you should think about the complete absence of curtains. Let the sun's rays play on the walls and furniture and wake you up in the morning, charging you with a good mood for the whole day. Bright apartments from DigsDigs According to differentnatural light reasons may not be enough. Well, there is only one advice - use artificial lighting wisely. It should not blind, its function to give as much bright light as is necessary in a particular case and place. Take a look at the same apartment from a different angle. Light kitchen

Make your bed special

I want more sex around the bed. You can hang heavy drapes. The monochrome of textiles and walls provides a chic look to the entire interior. Personal Space by Tobi Fairley Good Ideais zoning using color gamut. Although a smoother tone would have been better for decorating a bed, but for a common area, for example, for a kitchen or dining room, saturated colors would surely be the perfect solution. Bright wall, as the accent of the design of the Apartments I Like Some will like the original designs, such as, for example, this board screen, with paintings. Unique design by The Brooklyn Home CompanySometimes there is no possibility or desire to build partitions and broadcast curtains. What can help smart goods from IKEA. For example, put a bookcase between a sleeping area and a sofa for relaxing. A TV, a computer, or a favorite book can be placed on it. Stylish studio from Urban Oasis Contemporary sometimesamaze with their functionality and simplicity at the same time. Take a look at this rotating shelving unit. Now you can watch TV not only in the living room, but also while lying on the bed. Rotating elements from Elif Kinikoglu Interiors

Implementation of compact solutions

It's time to talk about ways to save space. There is no way to hang full cabinets. Arrange shelves for the entire length. They look stylish and can perform the full functional load. Open shelves for the kitchen No space for a bed? Try Hideaway Bed - Murphy's Bed! The image below looks modern, high-quality, convenient and practical, isn't it? Cot bed in a tiny apartmentforget about the little things that will be useful to you. For example, the Brooklyn-based design firm General Assembly has made a surprisingly simple and at the same time very useful solution. The authors of the idea painted the door from the kitchen into the bathroom black in color, like a blackboard. You can leave notes on it for your relatives, make a shopping plan or a reminder note. Black bathroom door Small apartment notmeans tight. Skillful distribution of functional load between, as well as the use of small tricks will help you make your home comfortable, stylish and spacious.