From 1 to 3 April in Artplay will be an exhibition Wood Works - etk-fashion.com


Hand furniture, exclusive samples of creativity andUnique elements of finishing from the most environmentally friendly material - all this is an exhibition of Wood Works, which can inspire and surprise visitors. At the Artplay Design Center, from April 1 to 3, a special event will be held to bring together professionals - designers and craftsmen working with wood. Wood Works has traditionally become the place where a tribute to one of the most popular materials is paid. The work of Russian specialists, creative ideas implemented by hand, as well as a cultural and musical program is not an exhibition in its traditional sense, but a meeting of like-minded people who are used to creating and surprising with freedom of expression and energy. The carpentry industry is reviving, and in this it will be ablemake sure everyone who comes to Artplay on the first weekend of April. Address: Nizhnyaya Syromyatnicheskaya street, house 10. The exhibition is open from 11:00 to 21:00, tickets must be purchased to visit. To obtain accreditation, you must pass by. The official opening of the exhibition is at 14:00. All the latest news is available. The lecture program was organized with the support of the Archiwood community. The following workshops and specialists will take part in the exhibition:

  • Wood Deed
  • Meta Deco
  • Uniquely
  • Ply Mariyany Evening and Dmitry Lagutin
  • Woodled
  • Craft Tree
  • Industrieart
  • Flitch design studio
  • "Everything is fine"
  • "Needles"
  • Fly massive millworks
  • Alice Minkin and Kitchen Theater,
  • Festool
  • Craft Tree
  • Voca
  • Anna Feoktistova
  • Ko and Co Studio
  • "Workshop"
  • "Own boards" and Board Lab
  • Woody Lines
  • LIke Lily
  • Woodsun
  • Industriat Cyril Korolev and Dmitry Borev
  • Crafts Station and others.

Organizer and creative director of the exhibitionIs Oleg Dyachenko, who in the past is known as the creator of Plus magazine, the head of Russian editions of such popular magazines in the West as Esquire, Interni and Intersection. Among its major realized projects there is Volga Dacha, which is included in the list of the thirty best architectural objects of the Russian Federation according to the magazine Afisha, as well as the Moscow festival Nuts and Bolts, where several thousand visitors are annually represented by hand-picked motorcycles. About his next project, Oleg says: "Wood Works was born out of love for design and a tree in the interior and is, in fact, a review of achievements and a platform for the exchange of ideas to generate new ones." The lecture program is organized with the support ofArchivwood community. It will last from 1 to 3 April, starting every day at 15:00 and ending at about 7 pm. Expectations of the heads of workshops and studios, which will tell you everything about the tree, the wooden architecture and the principles of working with this environmentally friendly and beautiful material. STARK Fly Massive Millworks "Workshop" "Everything is fine" Come and you!