Young designers at ISaloni Moscow, which we liked


The annual exhibition has recently ended in MoscowISaloni Moscow. In one of the pavilions, several dozen works of young designers were presented. Today we publish our favorites. The anniversary tenth competition of Salone Satellite World Wide Moscow has just ended. Many design students dream of getting to this event. Indeed, for those who are just starting their professional path, this is one of the few opportunities to declare themselves and even find a manufacturer who decides to take on the realization of the fantasies of young minds. Ordinary visitors at this exhibition-competition were able to look into the future of the furniture industry and be the first to see items that will appear on sale only in a few years. Today we take a closer look at nine of the brightest, in our opinion, models presented at the Crocus Expo-2 exhibition center.


Anastasia Arkhipova presented a visually easyA chair that looks equally good both in the interior and on the street. The design of the Lamellae is strong and resistant, which includes a seat, two legs, armrests and slats.


Tatyana Davydova came up with an ergonomic childchair with removable table and safety belt. BC is suitable for kids from 6 months to 5 years. The chair will "grow up" together with the small owners - the ergonomics of the design allows you to adjust the height of the seat and the level of the step.

Desktop for designer

The workspace developed by AizhanGabitovna Kaldanova, will suit not only the designers, but also all the intellectual workers who have ever faced a mess on the table. Desktop for designer includes shelves for books, papers and even cups of tea.


The main thing in this table is mobility. Fedor Andreevich Katsuba has allocated the creation by rollers which allow to bring a little table in movement by one and only action - it is enough to pull Workinmotion for the handle, and it will roll behind the owner.

Move it

The chair from Semyon Lavandsky makes theman constantly move, which, according to the author, has an exceptionally beneficial effect on health. The secret of dynamic design is in movable lamellas, each of which rotates relative to the central axis.

Foggy chair

The chair created by Daria Pavlova can be putboth in the apartment and in the cafe, and its vivid design with proper approach can create an unusual effect. The color gradient on the legs and back can be executed in almost any shade, so that the Foggy chair will contrast or partially merge with the background.


Tatiana Repina created a charming capsulemicro-kitchen for office. Lo-lo is a few modules that complement the main kitchen. In each locker you can put a separate electrical appliance, as well as place all items that supplement it - dishes, food, etc. Modules can be placed anywhere in the office.


Valeria Sergienko came up with a locker with a very interesting opening mechanism. The door of the module consists of woven-paper material, due to which it literally folds.


Anna Strupinskaya created a table resemblinga curved tree trunk, the continuation of which finds itself in a vase made of the same material as the base - an artificial Corian stone from DuPont. By the way, this November Treeangle will go on sale, its production is handled by the company Samkor.