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10 best home remedies and 10 popular recipes -


How to keep your apartment clean by spending on itminimum effort and time? What if you are allergic to household cleaning products? Is there an alternative to them? In our review - the most popular ecological powders and gels, as well as 10 magic cleaning products such as salt, soda and lemon, and, of course, tips for their use. Tidying up your house or apartment always takes longer than you would like. Housewives who are very busy at work do general cleaning on weekends, experienced and freer ones try to keep the house clean, taking apart, wiping and polishing something every day, especially. But in any case, these efforts should bring a quick and maximum effect. It is so nice when the glasses sparkle in the sun, the dishes shine and wash as if by themselves, the carpets retain the brightness of the colors, and the dust flies around your house. Of course, in every home there is a whole "arsenal" of detergents and cleaning products. They are usually stored in the bathroom or closet, where a persistent chemical "fragrance" develops over time. How to avoid the unpleasant effects of this and not lose the quality of cleaning? The most reasonable option is to give preference to eco-products that have recently appeared on sale in a large assortment. We have chosen the best, in our opinion, top ten for you and have also prepared a small but very pleasant surprise.

  • This water softener for washing providesLinen softness and freshness. Spots are washed perfectly, without any chemicals. The pleasant smell of herbal ingredients is harmless even for allergic people. The water left after using this softener can be used for watering the garden and indoor plants.
  • In addition to its direct purpose - washing dishes - this tool performs the function of protecting and softening the skin of hands, and also they can remove stains from clothing.
  • Another tool for washing dishes. No synthetic flavors, no chemistry on the plates!
  • Biodegradable cleaning agent. Want - wipe them the surface in the kitchen, you want - wash pans and plates. All ingredients are of vegetable origin.
  • Gel for cleaning will help remove from the surfacesGrease stains, destroys unpleasant smells, with regular use helps to clean up sewage sinks. Ideal for allergy sufferers. Do not spoil the skin of hands even when working without gloves.
  • A cleaner for cleaning any surfaces. Cope with the strongest contamination of enamel, tiles, glass, etc. The procedure for applying is very simple: apply to the surface and wipe. Flush is not required.
  • Products for allergy sufferers and people with sensitive skin. This agent dissolves any fats.
  • With the help of this tool you can permanently get rid of the smell of traces of animal life, it is recommended to care for their habitat.
  • Means for removing grease and dirt without the use of irritating chemical components.
  • Means for cleaning in the house. Helps quickly wash everything that requires regular care.
  • For meticulous housewives, who prefer to use already proven assortment, we have compiled a list of the most effective eco-means that can be purchased in stores:

    • Ventley Organic,
    • Ecodoo,
    • Klar,
    • Almawin,
    • Sodasan,
    • Sonett,
    • AlmaWin,
    • Attitude,
    • Bio-D,
    • MaKo clean,
    • Organic People,
    • Probiotic,
    • Sodasan,
    • Tribio.

    And now the promised surprise: ten natural remedies are always present in every home, but about the unique properties of which we know not all. Nevertheless, traditional recipes you can replace any special shop tools, will save the amount of tangible and help cope with the cleaning.

  • Peroxide of hydrogen perfectly disinfects and clearsBoth contaminated surfaces, and the rags and sponges used in cleaning the house. Soak them for 15 minutes in a 3% solution of peroxide, and they will be like new for a long time. With the help of peroxide, you can remove many stains, including red wine shed on the carpet in the living room, as well as whiten the laundry.
  • Household soap is a godsend for a housewife. It perfectly disinfects, launches grease and stains, laundering clothes. With a soap solution, you can clean any surfaces.
  • Baking soda can completely replace any cleaning and cleaning agent. Soda to shine cleans pots, kettles, stove, sink, sanitary ware, relieves clothes of musty or tobacco smell.
  • Potassium permanganate, or manganese, disinfectsEverything that needs to be disinfected. And if you add half a teaspoon of potassium permanganate to a glass of detergent, dissolve this mixture in hot water and lower it to the full cooling water washed, but darkened underwear, it will become noticeably fresher after rinsing.
  • Cooking salt replaces the remedy for pipe blockages: pour a handful of salt into the drain hole and pour steep boiling water from the kettle.
  • Mustard powder is an ideal dishwashing detergent. Dissolves fat, flushes dirt, perfectly "works" even in cold water.
  • Ordinary tea tea will serve anotherService: strong brewing, dipping a sponge in it, wipe the mirror, then polish it with a clean cloth. Divorce did not happen! A tea solution with vinegar (2 to 1) returns the shine to the crystal - just soak your favorite vase in this composition.
  • Lemon neutralizes all smells. A tablespoon of lemon juice on a glass of water will clean the microwave from any fat - just put a mug of lemon water inside and turn it on for 10 minutes, then you just have to wipe the microwave with a clean cloth. Cut the lemon in half and wipe all the faucets, especially those where the rust has appeared. He disappears without a trace.
  • A mixture of ammonia and soap is ideal for cleaning windows and. And in general, any glass.
  • Vinegar also laundered the glass. Divorcing it in half with water and adding a little lavender oil, you can wash the tiles, countertops, window sills and floors. Pour a little vinegar on the stain of rust, sprinkle with soda and leave for a while. Then just wipe it until it shines.
  • All these ecological products and folk recipes will help you keep the house clean, spend less time cleaning and be proud of your cozy home.