19 wall decor ideas that will change your interior dramatically -


The most powerful effect most often produces the simplest ideas. In our selection of such a majority, but there are a couple of things that will be difficult to replicate

One of the most effective ways to change the interior, without changing the situation - in a new way to decorate the walls. There are a lot of options besides paint and wallpapers. Today we will consider the most striking examples.

3D-panels, oddly enough, can also be decorated. Ideally, highlighting.

It's just paper flowers under the glass. What for glass? It will save the beauty from dust, and you - from unnecessary worries.

Such New Year decor can be safely left until the summer.

A simple, but unusual reception with a print that passes from the doors to the wall. Due to the mirror aprons the effect is multiplied.

The secret of the stunning effect of this composition from the boards lies in red chairs and a white wall. You do not have to spend money on a stencil. It's enough of a ruler, a cardboard box and a sharp cutter. Provided you have a fantasy, of course.

Tired of prosaic frames for photos? Make a family album with light.

Crafts from natural materials are the most spectacular.

Although cardboard with beads in skillful hands is also capable of miracles.

It's just boxes with covers.

Style is not always expensive, sometimes for the realization of a worthwhile idea, just one hank of electrical tape is enough.

Here's to you the creative use of the most common sectional shelves.

Such a mirror can be ordered in the workshop by your own sketches.

The best decoration of the interior is art. Even if the subject of creativity is created in this very interior.

Do not know how to draw? Write it!

There are things that you should always remember. With the help of a small master class and packaging of gouache colors, the most important words of your life can become the main accent of the interior.

Design paper, figured cutter, board and glue - that's all it takes for such a mosaic panel.

Do children like to paint on the walls? Motok craft to help you: every day - a new wall! Favorite childhood toy should not be dusted in the pantry. Choose for her a decent design.