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20 effective and simple decor ideas for your home -


On the global renovation of the interior sometimesThere is enough money - material and spiritual. However, in order to breathe new life into your native "four walls", you do not have to part with the whole state and spend a lot of time. This can be done quickly and for free using the materials that you already have. In this article we will consider 20 very simple, spectacular and free tricks that will add the same "raisin" to any interior

Posters from the Web

Surely you have somewhere online stored a collection of your favorite pictures with inspiring views. Print your favorite.

Keeper of keys

Collect the keys from all the places you've ever lived, and build a picture of them. This will add to your interior a note of nostalgia for the past.

Signed by a celebrity

This will be our little secret. with a fake autograph pleases the eye almost like a real one, only shh ...

From old books

Do not rush to throw out old books, they can make a nice little table. If you wish, you can always return to reading.

And magazines

Use old straps for the screed, and you will get a stool for the hallway.

Favorite releases

The magazine cover is a whole art. Choose the most beautiful and place them on the wall with the help of hangers.

From scraps

There was a packing paper after the holidays? You will need scissors, threads and half an hour of time. Children will happily take part in such an undertaking.

Even easier

The packaging paper is so beautiful that you do not want to cut it! Do not need. You can just pick a frame of the appropriate size.

The remains of the fabric

By the same principle, we are dealing with scraps of cloth, which probably lay somewhere on the mezzanine.

Bright stickers

Sticky notes, colored tape, and other adhesives will quickly bring the wall to life.

Original Calendar

Even such a simple thing as a calendar can become a bright addition to the interior. How do you like these cute little houses? Templates can be downloaded on the web.

Volumetric letters

We continue to do handicrafts! 3D 3D letters can be produced by ready-made schemes.

Very simple vases

Pay attention to the glass bottles that remained after the feast. Some of them have a very interesting shape. Use wall brackets or make a composition on the windowsill.

From old newspapers

Trying to keep abreast of all the world news? Choose the most catchy headlines and use the material instead.

Road map

Now, when there is GPS, maps and road atlases are out of work. Let "in the frame" get places that mean a lot to you or where you would like to visit.

Old new lamp

If you still have paper after previous manipulations, update at the same time and podnadoevshy lampshade.

Useful Holders

A pile of papers, stationery and other small things accumulated on the table? Such Holders will help not only maintain order on the desktop, but also decorate it.

Insta Wall

Print your favorite pictures from the account in Instagram. "Laik" they will not work, but to admire every day - easily.

The old T-shirt turns ...

... in the original picture. If the thing has become small, and you do not want to part with it, turn it into an element of decor. The main secret here is that things should be with history.

Update Status

Transfer your favorite life-affirming quote from the "VKontakte" status to the real world. The more often it comes across your eyes, the better.