20 smallest cottages from around the world -


True beauty flourishes in small forms.Do you think that it is simply unrealistic to build a beautiful and comfortable house on 20-40 square meters? All over the world they know that small houses require fewer resources for construction and maintenance, and there is enough comfort in them for a whole palace. We've got 20 examples that will make you overestimate the value of size B, there is something mesmerizing. Let them resemble a beautiful toy, but there is nothing superfluous. After all, there are already more than 7 billion of us on Earth. It's time to make room for a bit. The home of professional snowboarder Mike Basich is just 20 square meters in the snow-capped mountains of California. After finishing his career, Mike sold the town house and simply disappeared from the radar. There is no electricity or the Internet in his suburban refuge, but there is stunning nature around. One of the walls is completely glazed and stores the warmth of sunlight during the day. A house built with your own hands according to a unique project is a real dream. This house is located in Iceland, 80 kilometers fromReykjavik, its area is 32 square meters. The lucky ones who take it off for recreation can carefully watch an active volcano directly from the terrace, and in the evening enjoy the northern lights. Black walls, white windows and red doors - the traditional Icelandic style of decoration of the dwelling. Did you dream of living in a tree as a child? In Germany there is a resort where this desire can be realized. Houses of about 35 square meters are at an altitude of 3-4 meters. Around is a lush green forest. And inside the place was found for a modern bathroom, kitchen and even two sofas for guests. A real hobbit house! The master of the house designed and built it himself inside a small hill in Wales. The area is about 50 square meters. Each detail is thought out so as to minimize the negative impact on nature: solar energy is accumulated by panels on the roof and is used for household needs, water is supplied from the nearest source, food reserves are cooled in the basement. No, you did not. It really is a house-flying saucer. You can live in it in the unique Swedish hotel Treehotel - this is one of its rooms (the rest remind, for example, a nest and a dragonfly). The idea of ​​design came about: what could be more unexpected than a spaceship in a Swedish forest? The house is kept on cables attached to the trees, inside there are four people. Designers of the French architectural studio OLGGAconceived this house so light that it can be transported from the city to the resort by truck. In one part there is a place for rest, in the other - a bathroom and a kitchen. All together reminds a bundle of firewood, the total area is only about 22 square meters. This very original one is located on the banks of the Maine, USA. Architecture studio Cheng + Snyder designed it as a cross between a boathouse and a studio for writers who have lost inspiration. Especially for them - a comfortable workplace with bookshelves and a view of the river, a hidden front door that is not easy to open without a creative approach, and complete peace.

Stunning views of the Atlantic Oceanopens and from the terrace of a tiny cottage in England, and even from the bedroom. The area of ​​the house is only 30 square meters, but there is everything necessary for life: a comfortable kitchen, a bathroom and, most importantly, large windows. The cottage can be rented - the price for the weekend will start from 120 000 rubles, but now everything is booked until October. This frame house is made in the factory and assembledfrom light spruce boards on a concrete foundation in the Spanish province of Alicante. A simple rectangular layout allows placing on the area of ​​only 50 square meters two bedrooms, a dressing room and a living room. The construction was completed in just 10 days. Tiny houses in the Scottish wildernessare intended for artists and writers seeking peace and solitude. Shower and toilet are in the yard, the farm is completely natural - the rainwater is collected on the roof, the room is heated by a wood stove. Creative personalities live here from October to March, at other times cottages can be rented. Designer and artist Julio Garcia (Julio Garcia)His house in Savannah, Georgia, was built from two cargo containers carrying goods from China to America. The exterior finish has not changed. And the interior is made in a modern minimalist style and looks amazingly spacious and filled with air. Family house on the Aegean coast in Turkeyoccupies about 40 square meters. Details of its owners collected for years at flea markets - door handles, ancient doors. Of course, owners spend a lot of time on the spacious terrace, covered with wild grapes, and in the garden, where fruit and olive trees grow. A tiny Atkinson Architecture studio housea secluded river valley in the state of Colorado, USA, consists of an inner part and an external terrace, each about 20 square meters. A small building blends harmoniously into the landscape. Entrance doors are prudently made very durable - in case of attack by wild animals. Now the replica of this house, nicknamed "Box"is in the museum of Stockholm. In the forties, the house was built by the English architect Ralph Erskine, when he moved to Sweden together with his wife and two children. Resources after the war was not enough, and the materials had to be taken almost from landfills. The area - only 20 square meters - is divided into two rooms by a massive fireplace. The family used the "Box" as a dacha for several decades, until the house became unusable. Construction of such a house, inventedAmerican architect Derek Didriksenom (Derek "Deek" Diedricksen), costs a little more than a thousand dollars. The transparent wall is decomposed, adding another couple of meters to about 8 square meters of the area. The beds also serve as wardrobes for clothes and clothes, and in a tiny kitchen there is even a place for a mini fridge. This cottage, lost in the hills of sunnyCalifornia, does not look tiny at all, although its area is only about 37 square meters. The landlady ordered this space very sensibly, decorating the interior in bright colors with bright accents. Light and air are added and glossy surfaces of glass tables. This house is amazing not only for its size (23square meter), it also swims! The light platform on the floats was built on the ground, then launched, and the top was assembled, mainly from plywood, a mini cottage. A couple of owners built it to rent for summer holidays, but they could not part with it and now live here permanently - away from the Internet and bills for electricity. This house from Brazil definitely producesa spectacular first impression - a bright white cube on the background of a high black rock. A small area - 36 square meters - and a stunning view of the ocean. Inside the concrete is combined with a rough stone, on the ground floor there is a kitchen and a dining room, on the second there is a bedroom. This cottage is about 32 square meters- a country cottage of a couple from Texas. it blends effectively with the concrete floor inside, and the large windows offer a peaceful view of the river. The house was built to withstand harsh winds and temperature fluctuations - even in winter it is cozy here. This project is a mini-house for relaxing designstudio from Slovenia Allergutendinge is called "The Shelter of the Spirit." A minimalistic, almost monastic space for learning and thinking about the meaning of life. The front wall turns into a desktop, and the roof, if desired, opens to meet the sky.