Russian against the British in the interior preferences

Russians like to create luxurious spaces fromexpensive materials - the British prefer simple and strict interiors. The Russians are doing repairs for ages - the English are moving every five years. What is the similarity and difference between us? Design is a philosophical discipline. This opinion is shared by Elena Lazareva, creative director of WK School of Art and Design (London), designer and teacher in one person. From the very childhood she was more interested in philosophy, and at the end of the school Elena entered the Moscow State University at the Faculty of Philosophy. Having received an education in Moscow, Elena Lazareva went to conquer the London peaks. Here she became Master of Arts (MA Design Studies) in Central St. Petersburg. Martin's College. This city was not alien to Elena since childhood. She often came here, she studied at the Clayesmore boarding school in the south of England. Russia and the United Kingdom became two native countries for Helen. She managed to get acquainted with the peculiarities of interior design, both Russian and English. Elena told us what exactly their views differ in and what they are similar. Elena Lazareva Creative Director WK School ofArt and Design (London), designer, teacher. In fact, design is a very philosophical discipline. The fact is that a good designer (it does not matter what exactly he creates) is always well versed in the general structure of human life. He knows how people live and how to create a better way of life for them through design. You need to be at least a little philosopher to become a good designer. And, of course, a psychologist, an artist, a manager. The designer tries on many professions!

Elena Lazareva -

- What is the difference between the English and Russian approach to interior design?

- - There is a rich tradition in Englanddesign and profession of the designer. The real fashion for design began here in the 60s of the XX century: designer furniture stores, private design schools opened, and designers and decorators became popular. While in Russia the majority of the population lived in standard apartments with the same furniture, in England individualism and love of design, including Italian, flourished. -

- What are they - a British and Russian designer?

- - The modern British designer is always infirst of all will make a brief, examine the needs and preferences of his client, consider the budget, the features of the building, the style of architecture and many other factors. In Russia, you can often see how the designer first thinks about the style of the interior and how to beautifully arrange furniture, but not about its functionality. This is a very inconsistent and incorrect approach. The Russian designer often has poorly organized work with the customer - everything happens spontaneously, including a discussion of ideas and working conditions for the project. It turns out that the Russian designer often "works on the basket", trying to prove his competence to the customer. An English designer, too, often needs to "break the ice", so to speak, but this is done professionally, through a good portfolio, a thoughtful conversation with the customer, discussion of the conditions for implementation and consistent work on the project. -

- So, the Russians are against the British in the interior preferences ...

- - In England it is customary to move or dorepair every few years. Therefore, Kelly Hoppen style is so popular here - minimalism, a combination of old and modern. An apartment in this style is easy to sell. In London, for example, a lot of residential buildings of the XVIII and XIX centuries, and the British are accustomed to respect the original architecture of buildings. -

- Are there any common features between them?

- - As for the common between Russian andEnglish customers - this is the human desire for comfort and harmony, and everyone has an individual understanding of these things. Therefore, in any country the designer should understand well what the customer needs and how he sees his future interior. -

- What you need to do to achieve success in the field of design?

- - First of all - be able to communicate: How can you make a good design for a particular person, if there is no understanding with it? And it is very important to build trust - the customer can not always immediately appreciate the idea of ​​the designer. You also need to have certain skills, such as creating a brief, a concept board, explanatory drawings and sketches. You need to be able to draw and plan the interior correctly, by the way, pie charts help in this. The main thing is to work on yourself all the time, develop your own sense of style, be interested in trends and everything new. Curiosity is the main quality of a creative person!