25 ideal black and white interiors -


Black and white interiors are associated with usExclusively with good taste and skillful work with details. Today we made a selection of the 25 most stylish interiors that we managed to discover on the web. If you also strive for the ideal, you will find it here

Classical in every sense, the combination of black andWhite in interior design is almost as relevant as in separate sections of philosophy and world culture in general. Today we will consider the most, in our opinion, stylish black and white interiors.

The theme of this interior was nudity in all its artistic splendor - bare unpainted walls, a minimum of textures along with rich texture, a clean cut of marble and airy decor.

Black and white colors are self-sufficient, but accented with gold, they acquire new properties. Style, luxury and Scandinavian minimalism in a small volume and simple forms.

Notice the duplication of shapes and textures: a ceiling lamp lantern and a table stand, a plank floor of alabaster tone and coal-black painting.

This dining room can be called black and white is very conditional. However, it can be used safely as a reference example of a combination of dark and light.

Stylish space is possible and on a modestArea. In this tiny living room the author managed to create an organic composition using different textures and all four shades - white, black, gray and brown.

Here we see an unwillingness to trade out on trifles. White walls, a light wooden floor in a classic Christmas tree, a white tripod table and three black chairs. In the tone of the chairs, the decor is chosen. The minimalist lamp does not distract attention to itself, for nothing that is golden.

Excellent work with geometric patterns and accents.

Black-and-white photos and drawings are an ideal addition for this kind of interiors. And the presence of frameworks is not necessary.

Painted in white lining - an excellent option for the design of the accent wall.

In this case, the tablecloth connected two main tones of the dining area.

The stylish interior is first of all perfectly matched objects. However, they can be completely different in form.

The main shade in the black and white bedroom is more logical to choose white.

Thanks to accents and additional shades, the black and white interior can be made rainbow-colored.

Ethnic motifs add to the space of character and special color, almost unattainable by other methods.

In this living room there are many shapes, textures and materials, but for each object or form there is a pair.

With an abundance of textures you need to be able to work, but if you succeed, the result will be stunning.

As a background for a black and white interior, it is best to choose a white color.

The theme of this drawing room is geometry.

Concrete floors perfectly combined with leather, wiped with metal and aged wood. In our opinion, very stylish.