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Trends in the design of kitchens and canteens at the exhibition i Saloni WorldWide Moscow -


About what kind of cuisine will be fashionable next year and why minimalism is no longer relevant, you will learn from our new material

Very soon Moscow once againwill stir up the exhibition, which will be held from 12 to 15 October at the Crocus Expo - 2 exhibition center, where you can not only get acquainted with the latest industry products, see with your own eyes world-renowned masters and take part in the competition, but also witness the formation of new trends ...

It is at such events that theauthoritative brands demonstrate their latest developments. This year on i Saloni WorldWide Moscow there will be especially many participants, about fifty brands will present their kitchens and canteens. Basically, it's Italian factories, which is not surprising, because Italy is considered the ancestor of most of the world's trends in fashion and interior design.

In the pavilions, you can see kitchens in the mostdifferent styles and price categories - from democratic and modern to exclusive luxury and classic. We have made a selection of kitchens and canteens from factories that will take part in the exhibition. Think of it as a preview. Kitchen as the center of the house

World experts agree that in the nextthe season will again be "family kitchens". In addition to its main function, the kitchen will increasingly become a place of communication, new rituals of modern life. Another living room

New functions of the premises intended forevenings with family, the reception of friends and guests, requires a high degree of personalization, while materials and decoration should reflect the tastes and lifestyle and make the premises elegant and functional.

In a modern house, the kitchen merges more and more with the living room, which requires a clear geometry and more attention to the details of the room, which should not yield to the living room. Minimalism recedes

Absolute minimalism, hidden storage systems and monumentality remain in past seasons. In 2017, coziness, warmth and family traditions in their best manifestation again at the zenith. Kitchens in Provence style, country and classic againreturn to our homes. And this is very good news. Cozy sofas, open shelves, recognizable forms and the atmosphere of a country house - here it is, the kitchen of the near future.