Italian walnut: material for furniture and use in the interior

Speech in this post will go about how a nutfeels in the interior and what neighbors should be taken into his companions Natural wood as the main material for the manufacture of furniture, flooring and interior decoration retains the primacy for many centuries. Russian homeowners, in contrast to the western prefer furniture from Italian walnut, referring to him with deep piety. Today we will talk about how to use it and what to combine with.

Choose the floor

Interior items made of Italian walnut haverich auburn shades, therefore they will be excellently combined with a light floor and golden varieties of wood - with birch, light alder, oak, ash, maple. That is, it is better to choose a floor in a neutral color (from sand and beige to gray) or bleached. It is better to refuse from dark, made of wenge, merbau, bog oak: furniture made of Italian walnut will merge with it and lose its beauty and expressiveness. Alternatively, you can lay a large, light carpet on the dark floor: this will create the necessary contrast and visually highlight the objects. It is also necessary to refuse floors made of cherry, larch, beech, anegri, apple trees: they have the same reddish and reddish shades as the Italian walnut itself. These principles (forget about the dark field,use light and golden tones) must be followed when selecting doors from Italian walnut. However, they will be perfectly combined with reddish and reddish floors if the main tone of the room is warm or neutral colors (this will smooth the excessive saturation with red color).

We make pair

If you have chosen flooring, doors andfurniture made of Italian walnut, then for the walls the ideal solution would be a light yellow color or its many options - from vanilla and cream to ocher and straw. This combination will make the space cozy and harmonious. In dimly lit rooms, yellow is simply irreplaceable as it adds light, emphasizing the classic and calm character of the interior. By the way, take a note: Italian walnut furniture paired with light yellow walls will give a positive charge for the whole day. However, the combination of Italian nuts with shadesfrom beige to khaki and cappuccino to someone may seem insipid. Then the alternative will be a soft gray, wonderfully in harmony with the reddish. In doing so, it also slightly "cool" the hot character of the nut, and furniture on this background will look better.

Run from the cold

The scene is green and orange whenit comes to mirrors, lamps, consoles and other accessories that can complement the nut. This is a win-win option for both the kitchen, and for the living room and bedroom. With red it is necessary to be careful: its surplus will make the atmosphere heavy and aggressive. And it is better to abandon the color of cocoa and chocolate and purple hues: they will negate the impression even of the most expensive and refined environment. Also it is necessary to avoid cold and bright acid colors, shades of pink, caramel and peach.