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Scandinavian design is modern,Functionality and thoughtful versatility. What is it, Scandinavian cuisine? On the peculiarities of style, design trends and novelties of equipment - in our article Scandinavian interiors are attractive for their brevity and harmony, a sense of freedom and at the same time organization. In them, each element is important and in design is perfectly combined with others. Interior items created in the pursuit of comfort have simple forms typical of the aesthetics of minimalism, and professional functions. Inna Usubyan, interior designer - Kitchen-living roomwith an area of ​​15.43 square meters, it was designed in a small apartment of two creative people. Guests often come to customers, therefore, in a single space, we conditionally separated a full-fledged kitchen with a dining area from the living room with a concrete partition. I like to combine, at first glance, inappropriate things, but find those that have something in common. So, the basis of this interior was the kitchen table and the coffee table in the living room, the samples for them were the items that inspired the customers on their last trip to Holland. I built the rest of the interior around these items. Kitchen furniture was made up to the ceiling, which is typical for the arrangement of Scandinavian kitchens, and thus received an upper tier for storing kitchen utensils. The dining area is equipped with a sofa, in the seat of which there is also storage space. The trends of recent years have spreadScandinavian philosophy of interior decoration for the whole world. Norway, Sweden, Denmark, as well as Finland and Iceland are home to a unique phenomenon of industrial and interior design. Furniture and equipment of Swedish and Danish production is popular, many designers use the interior traditions of Northern European countries. Anna Bogacheva - The Scandinavian interior reflects, first of all, the nature of its land. The view outside the window plays a huge role in the interior. For me, the recipe for a Scandinavian interior is as laconic as the style itself. Everything is very functional, no frills and embellishments. More precisely, there are accessories and decor in the Scandinavian interior, but in form they are laconic, so to speak, with a little irony or a bright accent in color. The colors in the Scandinavian interior are mostly light, but you should not think that they are exclusively gray-white - there are also dark shades, ethnic notes can also be included. This style is invariably laconic, sustained and functional. Anna Bogacheva - There is a lot of light in this apartment andair, I wanted to use a calm color scheme. A tribute to the Scandinavian style is the beautiful wooden surfaces of the table top and parquet, natural fabrics of furniture upholstery and even a deer ornament on the curtains. The cuisines of these regions are characterized by a smallarea, simple forms of furniture, natural materials, plenty of natural light pouring in from large non-curtained windows, and multi-level functional lighting. Nadia Fedorovich, interior designer

- The interior of this kitchen is designed for a couplemiddle-aged. The wife loves to cook a lot and delight her husband with her culinary masterpieces. Since the room is adjacent to the living room and is viewed from it through an open portal, the kitchen had to be not only convenient and practical, but also aesthetic. Therefore, it was decided to embody the kitchen in a Scandinavian design. Nadia Fedorovich, interior designer - The distinctive features of the Scandinavian style are:

  • Airiness;
  • "Incorporeal" floor covering;
  • Combination of textures of natural materials;
  • Graphics in decor and accessories;
  • Emotional, but at the same time restrained character of interiors.

I used the trick of disguising the upper cabinets.We matched the color of the facades to the color of the tiles on the walls. We played with the configuration of the facades - we gave the interior dynamics and rhythm. The lower part of the headset, on the other hand, is highlighted in an active color. The decorative accents are minimalistic as they are made of matt black painted metal. Nadia Fedorovich, interior designer

- All built-in appliances were located in a niche,specially provided for this. Here are located: an oven with a steam function of the Plus Steam OPEA4554X series, a built-in coffee machine, a dishwasher, refrigerators for food and wine from the same manufacturer. The technogenic nature of the structure was emphasized by stainless steel facades. The decorative accents in matt black painted metal are minimalist and graphic. Behind the external simplicity of Scandinavian design isa serious scientific approach based not only on the preferences of users, but also on the desire for the rational use of space and natural resources in it. Svetlana Kovalchuk, interior designer - I represent the kitchen of the project "Lemon Mood" of a two-room apartment with an area of ​​65 square meters, which was originally planned for a young student family. Therefore, the interior had to be very functional and quite democratic both in terms of budget and style. The Scandinavian style was chosen as the basis, which looks very appropriate against the backdrop of the architecture of the house. The studio space combines the kitchen, dining area and living area. Here you can receive guests at the table or retire in the lounge area. Svetlana Kovalchuk, interior designer -Customers are a young modern family: dad, mom, son and honey-daughter. And the priority, as always, was the desire to create a functional and ergonomic space. The combined kitchen-dining room-living room is made in white, there are small cheerful accents in the form of lamps and red textiles, but the main thing, perhaps, remains panoramic glazing with an amazing view. The kitchen should not only be comfortable, but also fulfill an aesthetic task. I think it is very important for food preparation to have a good mood and mental space. In our case, we have “merged” the kitchen with the walls as much as possible. The work area, apron and table top are in wood. Geometric, laconic kitchen looks light and stylish, very neat. There will always be a great mood in such a kitchen! Ergonomics are at the core of Scandinavian design.And of course, the first to remember the legendary slogan: “Sweden. Made with the mind ”of the world leader in the field of household appliances Electrolux. By carefully studying the technique and its function, we understand this powerful message even more. Zoya Korolkova, architect - Our region is close to the spirit of Scandinavia, so we have many orders for kitchens in laconic design, made of natural materials, equipped with the latest technology. For example, of the latter - the Opale kitchen with the new oven with steam function from the Plus Steam series OPEA4554X. The finishing is done by hand with decorative cement-based plaster. This coating with unusual light refraction, matte surface, warm, silky to the touch, and the unique Kerakoll Design House surface treatment technology enhances the texture of the cement. The material does not scratch, does not get wet, does not get dirty, and complies with international environmental standards. Zoya Korolkova, architect - Good modelEssenza by ARREX le cucine in natural chestnut in white with Roccia hinged module with stone veneer on the façade. It is complemented by new products from the Swedish manufacturer Electrolux. Hob2Hood Cordless Hood In the technique forcooking we also celebrated a new breakthrough last year: induction hob and Electrolux can be combined with each other wirelessly. When the hob is switched on, the cooker hood switches on automatically and selects the optimum power level. In addition, the more intensively the hob is used, the more the cooker hood draws in steam. You no longer need to be distracted by manually adjusting the hood. Cordless induction hobsSeveral induction hobs are suitable for the hood - EHH9654HFK, EHI9654HFK, EHX96455FK. Together with them, the cooking process will become faster, easier and more enjoyable.

  • Now cooking has become safer, because only the dishes are heated, and the rest of the surface remains cold. After cooking, the cooking zone cools down very quickly.
  • You do not have to spend the whole evening to make dinner. Rapid boiling of water in a pan and heating a frying pan will save time.
  • If necessary, you can pause cooking by using the Stop & Go function, and then easily resume it.
  • The hob is equipped with a control surface lock - this is a reliable protection against accidental activation, especially if your house has a child.
  • Induction surfaces are easy to clean, since during cooking only the surface under the dishes is heated.

Olga Serdobintseva, architect - Wishthe customers had an interior in light colors with the use of natural materials and with elements typical of Scandinavian and eco-style. The kitchen-living room is only 18 square meters, it was required to place everything you need and at the same time leave the space bright and uncluttered. The main space of the room was given to the kitchen, in the center by the window there was a round table with comfortable wooden chairs with soft seats. The living area is located on the opposite side - with a small but comfortable sofa for family movie screenings. A bar counter was placed behind the sofa, which completes the compositional and meaningful space of the kitchen. Olga Serdobintseva, architect - Room wallspainted white, there are also shades of beige to support the natural facades of the kitchen. The Scandinavian theme in the interior is continued by wooden beams on the ceiling, they are tinted in a more contrasting color, unlike the rest of the wood used in the interior - this gives dynamics to the room and again sends us to a Finnish or Swedish village. This mood is supported by the laconic, even slightly primitive textile ornament on the curtains. In our projects, we very often use Electrolux equipment, and this project is no exception: the hob, oven, built-in hood, built-in refrigerator fit perfectly into the interior and fully meet the customers' requirements for comfort and functionality. Built-in refrigerator with increased volumeWhen choosing a built-in refrigerator for the kitchen, designers are often faced with the fact that built-in two-compartment refrigerators are almost all 177 cm high. It is difficult to find a model with a larger volume. We recommend that you pay attention to the increased useful space inside. Elena Timokhova, interior designer - In a two-room apartment for a young family, the kitchen is a place for joint lunches and dinners. The color scheme of the interior is warm and restrained. The gray color of the walls personifies the winter sky, serves as a background for the main decor - the picturesque paintings of the artist Tatyana Kostyrina. In support of the gray, there is a light beige as the color of the rays of the sun, making its way through the snowy clouds. This traditional blend is complemented by contrasting splashes of black and white in the handcrafted cement floor tiles from Luxemix. Kitchen furniture from the Annons factory is located along the long wall of the room. The furniture is as functional as possible and is filled with built-in appliances: dishwasher, washing machine, oven, hob, extractor hood and refrigerator. Elena Timokhova, interior designer - It is necessaryNote that the built-in ENN3153AOW refrigerator from Electrolux with the increased useful space inside has become a real godsend for a small kitchen! It has many other useful functions:

  • System of separate cooling of refrigerating andFreezers. In most refrigerators NoFrost - a single cooling circuit for refrigerating and freezing chambers, as a result of which cold, dry air from the freezer chamber, getting into the refrigerator, quickly dries fresh products. In the refrigerator Electrolux, the chambers are cooled separately, maintaining the necessary humidity level in the refrigerating chamber, so that the fresh products are stored longer and not chilled;
  • Economy. This is a model of the A + class in terms of energy consumption;
  • A compartment for storing fresh fish and FreshZone meat. Steam oven Another technologicalbreakthrough concerns ovens. Modern ovens equipped with a steam function are no longer uncommon, and those who cook in such devices have already been able to understand the difference compared to a traditional oven. The dishes will never dry out, and the pastries will turn out fluffy, ruddy and will not differ in any way from the baguettes from your favorite bakery. This technology came to the domestic kitchen from a professional one: a modern restaurant is unthinkable without a combi steamer. By adding steam to the traditional baking mode, you will always get a guaranteed excellent result. Great news for those who are accustomed to counting money - the technology has become available for most cooking lovers. Choosing a new one, you become the owner of an oven with a modern design and incredibly useful functions. Alexey Kaverin, architect - The customer of this project was looking for an apartment of a large area, but in an area of ​​interest to him. There were no such apartments, and he resolved this issue by buying three apartments at once on one site and combining them into one. The apartment is designed for two adults and two small children of five and one and a half years. One of the wishes when redeveloping the resulting space was to allocate as much space as possible for living quarters: bedrooms and children's rooms, and less space for the kitchen and living room. We managed to make the redevelopment in such a way that the bedroom and the nursery are communicated through the living room and at the same time, each of them has its own exit to the common vestibule. According to the stylistic decision, the preference was given to the Scandinavian style, but in the process of working on the project it turned out that the customer did not mind seeing in it something of the loft style as well. Alexey Kaverin, architect - One of the "apartments"completely moved under the kitchen and living room with a dining area. The kitchen itself turned out to be quite compact, but convenient at the same time. Any corner of it is within walking distance - if you are in the center, you only need one step to be near any kitchen cabinet. To increase the working surface, we suggested making a turn from the floor cabinets and covering them with a common artificial stone countertop. On the back of the cabinets, there is a structure with a built-in biofireplace, which, in turn, visually separates the kitchen from the living room. We have installed boxes for growing fresh herbs on this structure. Alexey Kaverin, architect - We are on the ceilingmade wooden beams, into which modern LED lamps were installed, and Edison lamps, which are now fashionable, hang over the fireplace and in the living room area. The kitchen according to our project was manufactured by Nolte and equipped with Electrolux appliances. Lift dishwasherlower basket Returning to ergonomics, one cannot fail to note this news: in 2017, the world's first dishwasher with a lifting mechanism for the lower basket will appear on the Russian market - ElectroluxComfortLift. With a single movement of your hand, the lower basket rises to the level of the upper basket, so that the loading of dishes is as comfortable as possible. After loading, just as easily, with one movement, the basket is lowered down. This new Electrolux product will appear in Russia in the first quarter of 2017. Maya Vasyagina, interior designer - Environmental friendliness, merging with nature, eco-house - this is what most of the townspeople are striving for now. Kitchen with an island. Natural stone countertop. Floor flowing into wall panels, kitchen elements. Green moss and, of course, soft lighting. Nature entered the house. Made it cozy. And modern kitchen appliances have made it convenient too!