The apartments are 45-90 sq.m.

A new look at the Scandinavian style: the project of a two-piece in Moscow -


Domestic view of the Scandinavian interior - gentle pastel colors, natural materials and bright accents in a small but very cozy family apartment

Customers of this cozy interior in Scandinavianstyle - a young creative family with a small child. Young people lead an active lifestyle, travel, go hiking, spend time outdoors. As a living space, the customers wanted an open studio space with an isolated bedroom, filled with an atmosphere of home comfort and unity with nature in the best traditions of Scandinavia. Stepan Bugaev, interior designer Graduated from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology with a master's degree in physics and the State University Higher School of Economics with a master's degree in business informatics. He has his own design studio, under his leadership, more than 500 design projects have been implemented. Ranked in the top 100 of the best designers, according to the leading interior design publication AD. She is a teacher at the School of Design at the National Research University Higher School of Economics, teaches the author's course “Interior Design. Rules for creating a successful project ”. She gives open lectures on interior design and writes articles for leading interior magazines and portals.

The apartment is made in a cold range of tenderpastel tones, which includes mint, light green, light blue, light gray, beige and, of course, white. The floor covering is made of natural wood of a light cold shade, acts as a neutral background, and dark parts - window frames, decor and lamps - serve as bright accents. This is a typical reception for the Scandinavian direction: bright details on a light background create an interior with a character, playing with color. Entrance hall

The flooring of the hallway was a tile withpastel ornament. Such a light drawing looks very delicate, but does not overload the space. For lighting the hallway meet simple hanging lamps with a dark base. A long mirror in the white frame visually enlarges the space. Kitchen-living room

Kitchen-living room is filled with natural light. The room is divided into four zones: a kitchen, a dining room, a living room and a sitting area in the bay window. Although the owners of the apartment and love to cook, they only need the most necessary, and it is important that the kitchen area does not take up too much space. The maximally simple white kitchen set with smooth facades and contrasting black countertops meet these requirements. Behind the kitchen is a dressing room, containing all seasonal things and household items. From the kitchen it is separated by a glass window, allowing more light to penetrate into the room.

On the windowsill in the kitchen there is a comfortable zonerecreation, inside which is a convenient storage system in the form of drawers. A stand-alone light green-colored refrigerator in retro style echoes with a pendant lamp above the dining table. Another distinctive detail of the Scandinavian style is the off-putting chairs. In this case, they look quite harmonious thanks to the general concept of the apartment, the emphasis is on mixing forms and textures.

Erker in the living room turned into a recreation area: there is an armchair, a table and a floor lamp. Such a reading group is one of the wishes of customers who spend a lot of time reading their favorite stories or simply admiring the view from the window. Furniture meets the best traditions of Scandinavian design, embodying the synthesis of beauty and functionality. A soft carpet with a long pile, reminiscent of fur, adds coziness and warmth. A gray textile armchair serves as a bright accent in a neutral living room. The main decor of the living room - posters in contrasting frames on the wall - adds vitality to the interior, and a white coffee table visually balances the space. Living room:

  • wall finishing - wall coverings Valrenna;
  • flooring - Fiemme;
  • sofa - Muuto;
  • coffee table - Miniforms;
  • a curbstone under the TV and a shelf above the curbstone - Sting;
  • table in the bay window - Artek;
  • an armchair - Prostoria;
  • lighting - pendant lamps and floor lamp Muuto; lamp on the pedestal under the TV Foscarini.


  • wall finishing - wall coverings Valrenna;
  • flooring - Fiemma;
  • kitchen set - Stosa Cucine;
  • dining table - Muuto;
  • black chair - Moooi US;
  • chairs on wooden legs - Muuto;
  • lighting - overhead lights Decorazzio; pendant lamp Muuto.


Bedroom for the owners of the apartment - this is the firstturn the place for a good rest. Natural pastel colors are responsible for creating harmony in space. Soft, calm and easy - this is just what you need for a good sleep. We also provided a place for a baby crib, made in a color scheme that was comfortable for the child. The parents' bed with a soft headboard is complemented by two simple wooden tables with white reading lamps in modern stylistics.


  • wall finishing - gray-mint plaster Valpaint, Amir;
  • flooring - Fiemme;
  • doors - Union;
  • bed - Kitchen Ceramica;
  • table next to a baby cot - Rafa-kids;
  • bedside tables - Unison Workspaces, Rafa-kids;
  • lighting - chandelier Moooi, table lamp Vibia.


Owners of an apartment love to take a shower, butfor a small child will need a bath. We paid attention to the bath with a glass partition. As a decoration of the walls and the floor in the bathroom, we used a range of tiles and porcelain stoneware. The original patchwork tile in the bath area serves as an unusual room accent. On the suspended wooden pedestal there is an overhead sink and wall-mounted retrometers.

We managed to create a light and bright interior,winning due to the construction on soft contrasts, original textures and furniture items. This apartment will be an ideal option for a young couple of creative professions, which will appreciate advanced design solutions coupled with practicality and coziness. All furniture in the apartment is characterized by simple forms, which is typical of the modern Scandinavian house. We clearly marked all the zones in the open space of the living room and kitchen and at the same time preserved the balance of colors and textures. Bathroom:

  • wall decoration - tiles with Ornamenta pattern, Apavisa tiles and Equipe Ceramicas;
  • flooring - tile Apavisa;
  • plumbing - Villeroy & Boch;
  • mixers - Hansgrohe;
  • lighting - lamps above the Muuto mirror, general lighting Vibia.