This you have not seen: exclusive interior items from Germany


Products of the 100 best manufactories in Germany:products of the highest quality, impressive designs and centuries-old traditions of German craftsmanship. All this awaits visitors to the Handmade in Germany exhibition from February 20 to March 1 On February 20, on the territory of the All-Russian Museum of Decorative, Applied and Folk Art, with the information support of etk-fashion.com, the Handmade in Germany 2015 exhibition will open. The event will inspire and amaze not only specialists the sphere of design, but also absolutely any person who is not indifferent to beautiful things. Well, if you still don’t understand why spend money on exclusive handmade furniture and accessories, then Handmade in Germany is “what the doctor ordered” for you. The exhibition will run until March 1. Exhibition opening hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday - from 10 am to 6 pm, Thursday - from 10 am to 9 pm, Saturday - from 11 am to 7 pm, Tuesday - closed. Entrance fee: adult - 230 rubles, reduced - 120 rubles.


Of course, visitors to Handmade in Germany are waiting foran incredible variety of unique handmade designer furniture. For example, the exhibition will feature furniture from barrique wine barrels by Magnus Mewes. Each chair made from such a barrel has its own unique story: the wood of the oldest oaks (sometimes two-hundred-year-old trees!) Is used for the production of "barrique" stylish handmade furniture. In addition to the usual furniture, guests of the exhibition will see many unexpected interior solutions. For example, Mikili Bicycle Furniture design studio produces special racks and shelves for storing bicycles in apartments. Agree, it is very relevant and convenient!


At Handmade in Germany 2015 it will be possible to findlots of high quality decor items, stylish home accessories and unusual little things. Among the exhibitors is the world-famous Dornbracht manufactory, which creates luxury faucets and accessories for the kitchen and bathroom. Also on display will be handcrafted porcelain from the Fürstenberg company, which has been producing true masterpieces since 1747, winning many international awards.


If exclusive handmade furniture is a conceptFor Russian design is already familiar, then handmade dishes are still only coming into fashion, being a kind of exotic. At the Handmade in Germany exhibition, you will be able to see the result of the work of specialists from the oldest and most renowned German manufactories. Among the exhibitors is the Berlin Royal Porcelain Manufactory, which is one of the oldest European porcelain manufacturers. The company's products are of the highest quality, attention to detail and classic aesthetics. Visitors to Handmade in Germany will also be able to enjoy the unusual designs of porcelain tableware from the Nymphenburg manufactory and the stunning ceramics from Lutz Könecke. One of the best manufacturers of kitchen knives in the world, the Nesmuk company, is also waiting for the guests of the exhibition. Recently, these knives were nominated for the official FRG award for outstanding design!

... and something else!

Exhibition Handmade in Germany 2015 preparesmany surprises and original solutions for home and life. Furniture and decor items are not all that will please this event. Among the exhibitors is the Mayersche Hofkunstanstalt workshop, which has been creating real masterpieces of glass and stone since 1847. Also at the exhibition will be presented handmade globes from the oldest manufacturer - the Columbus company. The spheres for these exclusive globes are hand-blown, high-quality paper is used for printing, and map projections are glued with the highest precision. For avid travelers, such a globe can become a highlight of the interior. At Handmade in Germany, you can also get acquainted with Burmester - this company produces high-quality hand-assembled audio systems, which are considered the standard of sound purity in many countries of the world. In addition, many interesting activities will take place within the framework of the exhibition, more details about which can be found on the official website of the event.

Why spend money on exclusive accessories and furniture

Interior designers are often advised whenArrangement of the house use at least a few exclusive accessories or designer pieces of furniture. Even with a small budget, allocated for the decor, you can afford an original vase, a statuette or, say, a unique and unusual chair. Why is this necessary? Here are five good reasons.

  • Design items of furniture and accessories attract the eye. If your interior does not have enough accents, they can be original pieces of decor or unusual furniture.
  • Exclusive furniture sets the tone for the whole interior. This means that even if your apartment is furnished with not very expressive furniture, a single sofa or coffee table or even a couple of chairs can fix the situation.
  • Thanks to the unusual elements of the interior decorLooks more expensive. Even if, for example, a stylish designer lamp went to you for a penny, or you made it yourself, still exclusivity is associated with luxury and a high price tag.
  • Original furniture and handmade accessories -At the peak of popularity. Uniqueness comes into vogue, typical interiors are left in the past. In a quality modern interior, there must necessarily be something that you will not find in furniture hypermarkets and accessories for home.
  • Unique interior items reflect your taste. Agree, it is quite difficult to be proud of the choice of ordinary chairs, to enjoy a typical sofa or to boast of an inexpressive lamp. A simple mat in the bathroom does not lift the mood, and the "streaming" dinner service does not deserve the compliments of the guests. Neutral and unremarkable elements of the situation cause the same neutral and unremarkable emotions. In turn, exclusive items of furniture and decor delight the look, indicate your sense of style, attract the attention of friends in your home.
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