This you have not seen: 9 hypnotic examples of animated architecture

In architecture, only one thing can be better,than original buildings. These are original buildings that move. For the first time do you hear about such? Then admire: 9 illustrative examples that will definitely hit you. Architecture by definition is something static and immobile, at least we all used to think so. However, the French architect Axel de Stampa decided to turn our established idea of ​​frozen buildings upside down creating a series of animated "gifok" called "Architecture Animée". Just look at all these revived modern buildings, so playfully changing their shape! With the help of this project, the architect gives us the opportunity to look at new buildings in a new way, simply turning them into animated gif files. Basically, any movement in architectureis associated with the fourth dimension - time. But in the project Animée I developed a different approach. While the visitor stands still, the building itself offers a variety of variations, comes alive and shows a variety of its forms.

Axel de Stampa For each image Axel de Stampwants to create an animation that will demonstrate something new or unnoticeable in the already familiar building. And, mind you, for each of them he applies not repeating effects: twisting, deformation, rotation. The Animée series looks in accordance with the concept of movement in architecture. When using the format of gif buildings come to life and reveal their true nature.

Axel de Stampa Axel de Stampa developed his firstamazing and surprising animations within the framework of the project 1 week 1 project, which they with another (and part-time architect) Sylvain Macau (Sylvain Macaux) launched in 2013. The main idea is to create 52 spontaneous architectural projects throughout the year. Despite the fact that last year we managed to make only 24 projects, this year pleased us all with an impressive animated architecture. Stormy fantasy architect certainly does not hold! He took an unusual residential building in itself and turned it into something even more original. The building called Mirador is being built right before your eyes from small fragments, which, having formed together, disappear like magic, as in the popular and beloved game "Tetris". By the way, local residents jokingly called this building "Bin Laden's House", because in case of a terrorist act, a blast wave will pass through the hole without damaging the building itself. Here are a couple of animated buildings that you should see: With such an animation quite differently perceivedmodern architecture. You see in it those things that you would not have noticed before, you discover the beauty of forms and lines. In a word, thanks to Axel!