Objects of an interior under the antiquity with their own hands


Today, the interior design is antique. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the material for such design is used only "natural", environmentally friendly. An antique style, such as Provence, makes any room cozy and beautiful. From there it breathes comfort, home warmth and harmony. To design this interior you will need a lot of small things, decorative elements and accessories from the past. But it is worth noting that this interior can be used both in a city apartment and in a village house - there are no restrictions on this. Ancient interiorTo create an antique interior, the style of Provence is perfect. So, let's look at each room of your house one at a time and try to find out the specifics of each of them.

We decorate the living room according to the "old" advice

The living room is the most visited place. It should be designed as brightly and attractively as possible, because here we are going to the whole family to have fun. You can use abundant and generous colors with non-standard patterns and patterns. The walls in the living room will look greatold pictures. Pay great attention to furniture and interior items under the old days. It is not necessary to spend all your savings on the purchase of antiques, it is enough to choose new furniture, which is framed properly.

  • It is suitable for ordinary armchairs and sofas, on topwhich is an ancient veil. Nearby necessarily put a coffee table a massive floor lamp. Insignificant, at first glance, objects complete the zone of your rest.
  • You can artificially grow old furniture by treating the corners (or the entire surface) with sandpaper, and top with varnish.
  • Using stencil and paint, you can apply on furniture pieces ornament from the past, decorate in a well-known technique - khokhloma, gzhel, etc.
  • Add a picture and add a drop of coziness with a carpet with a high pile. It is better if it is monophonic.
  • As decorative accessories, choose dishes and vases from crystal or colored glass.
  • On the walls you can post photos taken several decades ago.
  • In the room must be reinforced artificial lighting - a massive chandelier on a cord or with fringe is perfect.
  • The walls are covered with plain-looking vinyl wallpaper or painted in dull colors, so as not to focus on yourself.
  • If you do not like the idea and you preferecological finish, then you can use a tree, especially if you live in your own home. The floor can be decorated with a parquet board or a tile on the surface of which a tree is imitated. It is desirable to decorate the ceiling in white, without taking any "fashionable" tips for finishing. All materials used must be at least slightly artificially made, so that in the room an impression is created that all the furniture and accessories have been standing here for several decades. Following simple common rules, you can easily decorate the living room in the old style, paying due attention to furniture for antiquities and accessories. Back to contents</a>

    Ancient kitchen is an excellent place for gatherings with family

    Antique accessories play an important role in thedesign of the kitchen. Objects of the antique interior in the kitchen are very easy to find in the store or create yourself. In most cases, the kitchen is divided into 2 zones: one is a fairly large table, followed by a family, in the other is a corner for relaxation, mostly located near the window. Women spend a lot of time in the kitchen, so you should pay due attention to comfortable furniture that will tolerate a permanent wet treatment with the addition of cleaning products. If in your house there are no antiques, and buying in specialized stores is too expensive, you can solve the problem in a different way. You can buy the most usual kitchen set (or cabinets separately), and bring it to the desired form you can yourself at home using the same sandpaper and wood varnish. Give preference to furniture (cabinets) with rounded convex elements. If there is glass on the cabinets, it must be decorated with a pattern. In the dining area, put a massive round table, and around it chairs, preferably on metal legs - just the ones that used to be used in dining rooms and cafes. Remember the accessories! They will allow to complete the design. The kitchen accessories include:

    • large old chandeliers;
    • porcelain ware;
    • cans for seasoning.

    Do not forget to dilute the interior with bright colors: a colorful oilcloth on the table, bright covers on chairs perfectly suited for the kitchen. Back to contents</a>

    Bedroom decoration

    The interior of the bedroom under the old days - it's easy! Walls in the bedroom are recommended for decoration in brightcolors. Typically, the main furniture, which must necessarily be in the bedroom, is a bed, a large wardrobe and dressing table. They are desirable to grow old by artificial method and cover with varnish or paint in 1 color. The walls in the bedroom can be decorated in any bright colors: white, brown, even orange. You can buy wallpapers that were so popular in many years ago. On the floor can lie a massive large carpet in the tone of furniture or floor. Curtains are decorated with drawings or simple patterns. Another "old" solution for finishing - gluing the walls with 2 kinds of wallpaper. Mostly, the top of the bedroom was pasted light, and the bottom - dark. Here, in fact, and all the rules for decorating furniture under the old days. Following these tips, you will be able to issue housing under the old days with your own hands, without spending huge amounts of money on furniture and designer services. And remember, the new is a well-forgotten old! An antique interior will save your budget and will transform your home!