What character, such and the interior?

Want to learn more about the nature and inclinationsthe person? Pay attention to what things surround him and in what style the atmosphere of his house or apartment is sustained It is believed that people of middle and golden age prefer classics in everything, including in the interior of their home. This is partly true, since the main features inherent in the classics are solidity, reliability, to some extent even monumentality. Over the years, people get used to the comfort that surrounds them, avoid drastic changes, exotic innovations.

The mood dictates the style

But age does not always determine the imagelife and environment. Although modern interior solutions in hi-tech and techno styles are more to the liking of young people, the older generation also does not neglect some bold decisions. Similarly, some young creatures feel more comfortable in the setting of old interiors, casting images of old castles, secrets of the past, fairy princes and princesses. The primary in the perception of the surrounding world are the personal qualities of a person and the characteristics of his psychotype. In other words, what is the character, such is the choice of the interior. Choleric people do not like to sit still, they need to constantly learn something new, run forward, change the world on a small and large scale. This leaves an imprint on the arrangement of interiors. Choleric people like to change the situation more often, are prone to experiments, they are quickly bored with monophonic furniture and accessories, a strict color of wallpaper and curtains. They need any changes, whether it's a simple rearrangement of old furniture or its complete replacement for a super-modern one. Melancholics are the exact opposite of choleric people, and they will rather prefer to spend many years in an environment they are used to than agree to some significant changes that disturb the settled way of life. Phlegmatic and sanguine people can behave unpredictably, their choice is determined by the mood, the pressure of circumstances and just a whim.

The past and the future are united in the present

Designers contrast each other with classics andhigh tech. It is believed that a predilection for one trend completely excludes the commitment of the other. Of course, the contrasts of styles are obvious. And if everything is clear with the classics, then fashionable high-tech deserves special attention. The etymology of this word, borrowed from the English language, goes back to the term "high technology". And not in vain: this style absorbed the most advanced achievements of science and technology, while it combines functionality and minimalism. Glass, metal, mirrors are used for decoration. But more and more often the high-tech "interferes" with the classic,complementing futuristic interiors with elements of old brickwork, natural stone and even details and decorations made of fabric and wood. And it does not seem fanciful, if such a decision comes from a specialist with good taste and great experience. It is important to use the color gamut carefully. The combination of old and new suggests a quiet range of tones. These are gray, white and beige, which can be supplemented with red, green, blue or yellow. Whichever style you choose for the interior of your home, the main thing is a sense of comfort and convenience, the rest is just details.,,