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Furniture arrangement online: light programs for interior design

Repair is an interesting and fascinating process, butSometimes he stumbles on small, seemingly things. Gray tiles or brown, it will be convenient to watch TV in this corner or not, a standard cupboard or built-in - all these are trifles in comparison with the total amount of work, but they can prevent finishing the final stage of repair. Just for such cases, there are online interior planners What is an online planner

The essence of online interior planners is thatThese programs allow you to draw a three-dimensional apartment plan,, virtually arrange the furniture and see how it will look. They differ in the level of capabilities, but the basis is one: the user selects the room scheme, sets the parameters - and can see the 3D model. Well, then you can add furniture. Our opinion:

- It's good that there are a lot of free-of-charge schedulers (in some cases you need to register on the owner's website, in some you do not). Simple Planners

The simplest planners create a flat drawingPremises, most of us familiar with school drawing lessons. This is the simplest version - the analogy of the drawing with a pen on paper; It is usually needed if the room has architectural elements of complex shape - bizarre projections, niches, etc., which are sometimes difficult to imagine "on the fingers." Volumetric Schedulers

The second option is more interesting, it allows you to createVolumetric color model. You can specify the size of furniture and twist them: try several options for kitchen sets, move objects around the room in the search, etc. You can also change the color of the walls and the floor, move partitions, move windows and doors (this is often required by those who build their own house) or look for the most convenient place for the switchboard. Complex schedulers

But the most interesting option is "advanced"Planners, which allow you to create a complete volumetric model of the room. In them you can set not only the color and dimensions, but almost everything: the shape of furniture, style, any decorative elements and so on. What will the room look like if you move the partition and put a sofa, a green carpet, or vice versa, whether it's worth painting this wall in a different color and if so, in which - all this can be seen. Our opinion: - The resulting model can be seen from all sides, turn and even look like a movie, if the program has a function of "virtual tour". Planners from furniture manufacturers

A separate place among the planners occupyPlanners from major manufacturers (furniture, windows, doors, partitions, etc.). On their sites you can set the parameters of your room, and then "arrange" the furniture you liked in it from the manufacturer's catalog and see how it will look specifically in your case. The most famous of these planners is perhaps the IKEA planner. Complex planning Planners can help inIn those cases, when a premise of a complex, non-standard form. He will also help in the planning of artificial "complexities" - when creating a niche, bay windows or a complex false ceiling. Also they will be useful in those cases when it does not turn out to be possible to choose a piece of furniture - a kitchen set, for example. The ability to look in such cases is an indispensable option. 5 popular schedulers and opinionsPros Professional computer software for design, such as 3DMax, ArchiCAD and AutiCAD, are not expensive and require time to master. Planners for amateurs, available for free or for a nominal fee, usually have a friendly interface, but their capabilities do not always match the needs of even an amateur designer. Nevertheless, this is a great way to get inspired, to outline in general outline what your apartment might look like if you made some decisions. Let us dwell in more detail on several popular Russian-language programs. 1.Google SketchUp Google SketchUP has a free version and a fee. The main plus of the program is a simple, intuitive interface and the ability to 3D-model your own objects. To understand the toolbar is fairly easy, in case of problems, there are tips, tips and lessons. The library of components (furniture, materials) can be replenished, and some decisions can even be made dynamic, for example a door can be opened at the click of a mouse. Plug-in V-Ray - professional rendering system - allows you to turn sketches into full-fledged visualization. Unfortunately, the free version will not allow you to transfer the result to another program, or even add text to the image. 2. Planner 5D The program, more precisely the web application Planner 5D, allows you to work on visualizing the interior through a browser of a computer or mobile device. It's nice that the audience of this Russian project in 2013 was already more than two million users, 80 percent of them are homeowners, 20 are professional designers and realtors. Now the application is conditionally-free, but you need to pay extra for using additional directories. Inga Azhirey, interior designer: - Planner 5D has a good selection of materials and furniture. Many opportunities for creating projects in the homes of the most typical series and excellent descriptions. Of the shortcomings I note the low dimensional accuracy, in real projects sometimes every millimeter is important, but here it does not take into account. 3. Planoplan Planoplan is also a project of a Russian start-up, an online service created on the basis of technologies used in video games, you can even "walk" through the finished visualization of apartments. In the catalog of service - several thousand names of furniture, building elements and materials, even figures of domestic animals are accessible. For fans, all possibilities are free, more professional options are paid, for example additional lighting and creating sections of the room. Oksana Kashenko, editor-in-chief of the portal - Personally, my Planoplan program worked unstably, gave errors and did not let me put furniture in the right place. Catalog of free materials and furniture - too small for full work. Of course, working with shareware programs, you need to understand that their main function is the overall visual assessment of the project, you will not be able to control the fine details in them and they will not replace full-scale drawings and professional programs. 4. VisiCon VisiCon is a simple program for designing kitchens, bathrooms, even exhibition stands and retail premises. The base version can be bought for only 149 rubles, the professional version for 1,400. The standard catalog of 3D models of affordable furniture is not that great, only about 600 items, but all of them were created on the basis of the production of Russian furniture companies and differ in realism. It is possible to download additional textures, including ones created independently in graphics programs. 5. Roomtodo Roomtodo is a free program that works right in the browser without downloading and installing. Drawing rooms even complex shapes can be downloaded and simply outline the walls. The catalog of materials and furniture is still small, but the authors are working on its expansion and integration with the assortment of real producers. Also, soon it is promised to add automatic calculation of estimates and the possibility to place design in social networks.