How to buy an apartment and not go insane: 9 steps to happiness


Is buying an apartment difficult? Far from it!If you approach the issue competently, the acquisition of real estate can turn into an exciting, but extremely exciting event. This article contains important tips that will certainly help you. Many of us start dreaming about our own home as early as adolescence. Unfortunately, more often than not, this remains just a dream for a long time. And the reason for this is in the main aspect of real estate acquisition - its value. It doesn't matter if you buy your first apartment in your life or expand, selling old and small for the new and big: it is always expensive. Moreover, you need to be well-versed in the very process of buying and selling housing in order to minimize all the surprises. In today's article, we will try to touch upon the main provisions related to the process of buying your own apartment, and to prove to you that it is quite possible to buy housing and not go crazy.

1. Should I cancel the lease in favor of the acquisition?

We have been actively convinced for many years thatowning a home is an ideal investment and that we need to stop throwing money down the drain and move out of our rented apartment today. Let's look at the situation with a live example. Imagine yourself in a well-furnished, practically new removable one-room apartment. There is everything here (from a wardrobe to a microwave oven), and even repairs were made not so long ago. For beauty and comfort, you pay the owner 45,000 rubles a month. But you're not happy, you want everything (from the front door to the window frames) to be yours, so you go to the bank and take out a mortgage. We begin calculations. Let's imagine that you liked an apartment in a new building in the same area in which you rented. This is also odnushka. Renovated, but empty. The developer asks for 7,300,000 rubles for it, and the bank wants 15% as a down payment. Let's say you have this money, and you take out the remaining 6,205,000 rubles on credit for 20 years at 12%. The bank informs you of the monthly payment amount: 68 322 rubles. And now, every month for 20 years, you will part with this amount. Let's say you are not impressionable, you make good money, you are confident in the future, and the five-figure amount does not scare you. But the apartment is empty. That is, furniture, appliances and a lot of little things need to be purchased now. And on a monthly basis you will have to pay housing and communal services, tax on real estate and land, make contributions to the HOA and so on. Do you still want to buy your own apartment?

2. Hire an agent

If you are serious about buying your ownhousing and the above calculations do not scare you, hire an experienced realtor. This personable person in a suit will help you navigate the market, get around a lot of pitfalls, find the "right" apartment and negotiate correctly. Of course, all this is possible only with a competent and very experienced agent. So look carefully and get ready to generously pay for his efforts (on average, this is somewhere around 3-6% of the transaction amount). There is also a more rosy option - 1.5%, but here it all depends on your luck and the realtor's appetites.

3. Choose an option by means of

Do not expect that in a couple of years yourthe financial situation will improve, and you will be able to adequately decorate a 300-meter apartment, but in the meantime you will get by with a mattress and a couple of stools. Better to soberly assess your prospects, live for several years in a rented apartment and save enough money for everything you need. If you don’t want to wait a couple of years, look online for a cost calculator that will help you figure out how much you can save on a monthly basis, and live a few months on the proposed terms.

4. Choose an apartment in a good area

Very unexpected advice, right? Of course, your first impulse will be to look for options near the metro, shopping centers and other amenities of walking distance. And now ask yourself the question: in the chosen area there is a good school, a kindergarten, a polyclinic? Because if you ever go to change a city or even a country, then when you sell an apartment these arguments can positively affect its value. Think about it.

5. Talk to the seller

Even if only yours is engaged in negotiationsagent, take the time and chat with someone who knows almost everything about your future home. Of course, the terrible secrets about the music lover-night owl below and the ever-leaking pipes from the neighbor above are unlikely to be told to you. But they will tell you about the local infrastructure, shops, clubs, schools and subtle, but very useful places for a long time and with enthusiasm.

6. Hire a contractor before purchasing

When the apartment is found and its originalThe cost is stipulated, it's time to start a constructive bargaining. Find an experienced builder who can inspect the house for various shortcomings, breakages and other weaknesses. Then find a specialist who can estimate the cost of repair and troubleshooting. After this, continue negotiations using new arguments.

7. Do not be afraid to leave

Unfortunately, there are negotiators in the worldunable to compromise. If the price does not suit you, and the seller is not going to make fair concessions, leave. Yes, you have already fallen in love with the area and started fantasizing about the future interior, but happiness will not happen if you agree to pay more than it is worth. You will always regret it, and the thought “I had to insist on my own” will visit you at every opportunity. Sometimes your rejection of the deal can make the seller think and make concessions. In any case, you should have the final say.

8. Do not rush to repair

Of course, break into a new apartment with a brushAt the ready is very tempting. You probably already dreamed of a new situation, you asked the price of a kitchen set and know exactly how to arrange a bed in the bedroom. But wait. To understand that you need a new apartment, you need to live in it. Take a closer look, for example, to how the lighting changes during the day, and with it the environment. And soon you will discover a lot of subtleties, which you did not even know about before.

9. Set aside for repairs

And not only for repairs: Unforeseen circumstances - a common thing for novice homeowners. Once you decide to buy your own home, start to save money: they will not be superfluous.,,