Antique things, or flea market to help you


Love the interiors with a story? Want to decorate your apartment with beautiful things from past centuries, but do not know how to do it and where to buy everything you need? Then it will be useful for you to read our recommendations and expert advice

Antiques or vintage?

If you decide to decorate your interior with items"With a touch of antiquity", then you need to decide what exactly you want - antique or vintage items. It is a mistake to think that they are the same thing. The definition of "antiques" includes things whose history goes back more than 50 years. The vintage style includes interior items and furniture that are at least 15 years old, but not more than 50 years old.

In what styles is it appropriate

Antiques will be appropriate in houses and apartments,which are located in the historical parts of the city. He focuses on the belonging of housing to a certain era. Harmoniously antiques look in interiors with elements of historical styles, as well as in interiors, albeit modern, but located in houses of historical buildings with preserved stucco, parquet and other "old-fashioned" attributes. Vintage is good for kitsch, postmodern, art deco interiors. Such items (depending on their country of origin) can be the finishing touches of Mediterranean or Scandinavian styles. Vintage lamps, chairs, beds, floor lamps and other elements can diversify the monochrome range of floors or walls. And if you choose the right textiles for vintage furniture, then it can become the main art object in a colorful eclectic or national interior.


Girandoles, oil lamps of the XIX century, wall sconces, kerosene lamps, candelabra ... From such a variety of antique lighting devices, the head is just spinning. What to choose? Be sure to consider the style of the interior, the areapremises and ceiling heights. In a small bedroom, a small oil lamp on the bedside table or small wall sconces will be appropriate. In a spacious living room with high ceilings, chandeliers with crystal pendants will look good, and several girandoles can be placed on the table. Equipping an antique lighting fixture with modern bulbs, install a dimmer: it will allow you to adjust the lighting level. It is best not to make it very bright: this will make it easier to maintain the atmosphere of past centuries in the interior. Vintage lamps, chandeliers, floor and table lamps come in handy in apartments decorated in a Scandinavian style, loft or retro style.


Antique furniture can play a major role ininterior, be the center of the composition. All the details will line up around it. Even the design of an apartment as a whole can be based on highlighting antiques, making them focal points. On the other hand, antique and vintage furniture can be present in the interior in small quantities, complementing it or adding retro style to the modern design. When purchasing such furniture, it is necessary to take into account its dimensions. For example, a tall massive wardrobe will look awkward in a small room. And in a room with a large area, a small cabinet can simply get lost.


As an antique and vintage decor you canSelect pictures of Soviet and European artists, theater posters, posters of the 50-60s of the XX century, porcelain dishes, antique mirrors, plaster and wooden figurines, collector dolls and models of airplanes and cars.

Where can I buy?

Summer is the time for travel, vacations and greatmood! While at the resort, you can combine business with pleasure and run through the flea markets of the city where you are staying on vacation. Walk through antique shops, find out the addresses of the nearest flea markets. Perhaps this is where a new piece of furniture with a century of history awaits you! If you want to buy antiques or vintage items in Moscow, then you should look for them in places such as the flea market at the Mark railway station (not far from the Savelovsky railway station), the flea market in Izmailovsky vernissage, the old things market on Shkolnaya, the flea market near the Preobrazhensky market , flea market on Tishinka. Designer Lena Inashvili (ART at HOME design studio) told us about where else to find good interior items with history. Lena Inashvili, designer (ART at HOME design studio) - Is it popular today to decorate a house with antiques? - Unfortunately, today interest in antiquities is gradually being lost. Clients are increasingly ordering large paintings and decorating their homes with modern things in the style of Andrew Martin - Eichholtz. - Where do you find interesting antiques? - For me personally, if we talk about antiquity, the most interesting and unusual, and even gothic, which you will not find here, can be bought in antique shops in the old cities of Spain. Price + story = beautiful and amazing thing. Once I bought letters signed by the royal names of the era of the great Velasquez. Yes! There are many interesting things to buy. Another tip for those who like to shop in Europe: the best prices for historical things are only in Spain, but few people know about it. - Where can Muscovites look for antiques? - On Bolshaya Gruzinskaya Street (house 42) - an excellent assortment of non-antique, but very interesting, similar to antiques, decorative pieces! I would also recommend Moscow to the Russian Antique Salon in the Central House of Artists, where there is always a huge selection of old paintings, furniture, tableware and rare second-hand books. You can find anything there and bargain endlessly. I once bought a pair of incredibly beautiful French candelabra made of bronze in the early 19th century for only $ 800. In my opinion, this is the best place to shop!