Organization of space

Arrangement of an entrance hall in an apartment: ideas for small rooms


Few pay due attention to the arrangementHallway, but in vain! After all, this room meets us at the entrance to the house. And as you know, the first impression can be made only once. Our tips will help you make it unforgettable. At someone they are large and spacious, but most people, especially in our country, this small crowded room with a lot of doorways. Often, irrational use of the available space, as well as improper selection of color palette and materials visually make the entrance hall even smaller. But do not despair, it's quite easy to solve such a problem, with a little effort. We have prepared for you five tips that will help to create from the cramped room a cozy spacious hall:

Tip # 1: Use visual effects

There are many ways"Deceive" your eyesight by visually increasing the space - be sure to take them into service and try to put them into practice. For finishing the main surfaces (walls, ceiling, floor), it is best to select light shades, in which case a small space will seem more voluminous. Vertical stripes will help to make the room higher, and mirrors and reflective surfaces will help wider. If your hallway is small and narrow, but with a normal ceiling height, it will not be entirely comfortable to be in such a room, since the standard height will seem disproportionately large. In order to create a comfortable space without the "well effect", glue the moldings 30 centimeters below the ceiling. Decorate the lower part as usual, and paint the upper part in the same shade as the ceiling.

Tip # 2: give up all unnecessary

In a small room, it is very important to adhere tominimalism, so keep only the essentials in your hallway. There is no need to litter it with all sorts of objects, details - it is the statuettes, vases and stands that will “steal” the space and make it visually cramped. Many try to squeeze a wardrobe into the hallway without fail, but this piece of furniture will be appropriate only if it is installed in a niche. It is better not to use a narrow elongated corridor as a warehouse for storing off-season items; allocate for this purpose a few square meters in another room, fencing off a small dressing room. Or make a dressing room at the back of your narrow hallway.

Tip # 3: Do not use a large pattern on the wallpaper

In a small room there is no place for wallpaper with largeFlowers, geometric figures, as well as any large ornaments. They will "absorb" the space, making your already small entrance hall visually even smaller. So try to choose light wallpaper with small patterns, and it is desirable that these same patterns are located vertically. In general, it is better to give preference to any one-color options or simply to take and paint the walls.

Tip # 4: add more light

It's no secret that well-litthe room looks more spacious than the dark one. So with the help of additional lighting, you can change the perception of space in one moment. In a small hallway, the main overhead light will not be enough, take care of wall sconces, floor lamps, pay special attention to illuminating mirrors and niches. In order to visually expand the boundaries of a narrow hallway, hang lamps along one of the walls.

Tip # 5: Choose the right materials

There are materials that are better usedAvoid in a small room, but there are those who, on the contrary, will become your helpers. When setting up a small hallway, try to minimize the use of wood and stone, better make a choice in favor of plastic and glass, which with their light visual weight will create an airy and free atmosphere.,,,,