How to make an interior, which in 20 years will be relevant -


The question is how to make repairs so that the apartmentlong seemed modern, excites all. Today we will tell you how this problem is solved by one of the most outstanding architects of our time. His advice will open your eyes to simple and effective ways to solve the problem of Carlo Colombo (Carlo Colombo), designer

In 1993 he received a diploma in architecture from the Polytechnic University of Milan. In three years the former student took the place of a lecturer at the chair of furniture design in his alma mater.

Now Carlo Colombo takes the place of art director in two companies at once, regularly creates author's design novelties, designs villas, participates in exhibitions and conferences.

Over the past 10 years, Carlo Colombo has succeededto get world fame and the title of "classic of minimalism". The interiors and objects created by him do not seem to age, but only grow younger. Within the framework of the iSaloni WorldWide exhibition in Moscow, Roomble met with the Italian designer and found out the secret of the relevance of his creations.

In 2004 the project Carlo Calombo Casa Di CarloColombo for the exhibition Abitare Il Tempo produced a real sensation. To our question, what would be the project, if the master was engaged in his incarnation this year, the designer replied that it is more likely that materials for construction would be used more economically. As for the interior, its main, ideological part would hardly have undergone a major change - in fact, minimalism does not come out of fashion.

Our question about the most favorite place in the house was opened byworld famous designer with a completely new side. Most of all in the house Colombo loves the bathroom. According to the designer, when a person looks in the mirror, he communicates directly with his own soul. And what can be more valuable for a creative person?

As for the favorite shades and the current black today, Carlo Colombo says the following:

I really like the combination of white and black.In my opinion, these two colors are made for each other. These are the colors of life, they are neutral and easily connect with the soul. Moreover, with life itself: black and white - good and evil, minus and plus. If we talk about any one shade, then it is rather white. For me, this is a shade of contentment - victory over darkness. Carlo Colombo 5 tips from Carlo Colombo about the interior, which will not go out of fashion in 20 years

  • First of all, it should be a project of high professionalism and culture.
  • He must embody passion and historical memory.
  • It should be ironic, you can not take anything too seriously.
  • You need to use materials and colors that match each other.
  • And most importantly - this interior should provide maximum comfort for its owner.
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