About redevelopment in the apartment

Bold redevelopment of a small apartment


This small one-room apartment was created foryoung guy with all the recommendations for Vastu. The apartments are located in the building complex "European", which is located in Novosibirsk. The art of Vasta is an ancient science, which consists in the ability to properly equip the interior of a room in accordance with all the laws of unity with nature. If all of them comply with them, then positive energy will be present in the house and it will be possible to get rid of the negative. In addition, they worked on the project from a distance, and the process designer was Marina Sargsyan, a woman designer.

Some information about the author

Professional interior decorator whohas been doing his business since 2005. Creative influences from relatives contributed to the development of such an extraordinary personality. In particular, Marina's father played an important role in shaping the creative nature. He taught his daughter to see beauty everywhere. A woman was not immediately destined to become a designer. After graduating from the Technical University, she attended a design class, and later learned at the Career Center, and then visited Finland after attending a master class. For the designer, all projects are individual andinimitable. Working on this or that project, she tries to get used to the role of the person for whom she does the interior. Due to the vast experience, her images are wonderful and harmonious. “This task seemed immediately attractive to me. Since I had constant contact with my customer, there were no additional difficulties. Despite the fact that there were some restrictions in the choice of colors, in the end, managed to achieve the desired result. Together we were looking for compromises, in the end we found a suitable option. ”

Apartment Planning

It should be noted that we have changed a littlethe layout of the room itself, namely, got rid of the wall connecting the kitchen and dressing room. So it turned out the kitchen from the living room at the same time. Having reduced the size of the bedroom, it turned out to allocate a place for a study, with an area of ​​1.7 square meters. The Vast theory says that it is here that the workplace is best organized. The customer wanted to divide the joint bathroom into a separate bathroom, which occupied 2.5 square meters, and a toilet - 1.2 square meters.

Wishes of the customer

The most important point for the customer, no matter howIt seemed strange, there was a desire to design the room for Vastu. At the height of the process, he had to abandon some of the proposed ideas, reasoningly reasoning this, and appreciating every idea.

Apartment colors

It was important to have blue color wherebuilt-in large wardrobe. It is believed that this western sector is a very favorable zone. Since this site is ruled by Saturn, it is best to choose the color of this particular planet. On the sliding doors of the cabinet there are fragmentary images of it. In addition to blue, beige, white and light yellow shades are used, which are diluted with expressive details. The dining area sparkles with bright coral flowers. The customer calls it the Spanish-Italian town of paradise. In the yellow painted living room.


The overhead light was not completely ours.option, therefore, throughout the apartment located a variety of lamps and built-in lamps are present. The room is filled with Fabian models. In the working corner and the corridor, IKEA “Boyia” performs its functions. Restoration Hardware sconces with Objet Insolite Plume provide light in the kitchen area.

Furniture situation

The fact that the basis of interior design is an ancient science did not prevent the use of modern furniture, which looks very nice in the apartment.

Project work

Currently work on the project inthe height, all the keys on hand and it's time to take up repair issues directly. With smooth but decisive steps, the matter moves forward. For example, a heated towel rail is already completely ready, with an ideal color and shape (the price is, of course, decent). We offer to consider the layout of the dwelling in the photo a little more