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How simple ways to bring in the beach mood: 10 ideas


Summer is not happy with the heat, before the holidays are far away, andthe nearest sea - in a thousand kilometers? We have 10 ideas how to create a sunny beach mood in any setting, quickly and simply. A gentle sun, a breeze in the hair, soft sand underfoot and cries of seagulls - dreams of a carefree beach holiday in the summer are particularly bright. Why not decorate your house so that the memory of the sea would always please you and create a relaxed vacation mood every day? A little imagination, ideas borrowed from nature, the color of sea water and shells - close your eyes and you will hear the whisper of waves.

Sand decor

To step on a soft, sand-colored carpet as wellit's nice how to walk along the beach. Different shades of sand in glass vases - in itself an interesting sight and a worthy decoration. And you can also trim, for example, the switch with small pebbles and seashells, sold in the aquarium departments, and feel at the seashore every time you turn on the light.

Turquoise accents

New bedding, curtains or pillowswill instantly remind you of the beach. It is a very summer and positive shade that looks great next to all kinds of sand, from white to brown, creating a combination that is simple, timeless and endlessly joyful, like a vacation by the sea.

Sea Sites

The ropes remind of the romance of real lifesea ​​wolves, unbending under the pressure of the elements. Use the reliable natural materials from which the rope is made - hemp, sisal, and jute - for simple decor, such as railings and mirrors. Now your home looks like a ship traveling around the world.

Boats in the interior

Especially this idea will be appreciated by children who dream ofadventures - the skeleton of the old boat will fit into their room, become the bedrock and make it a real mysterious island. And in the bedroom, faded from sea salt and the sun, the wooden oars can turn into an original headboard.

Beacon Light

This image has something unshakable andshrill. A lantern burning in the dark at the edge of the ocean gives hope. Therefore, the image of the lighthouse in the picture, in the form of a lamp, or will always remind you that your home is a safe haven, a refuge from any storms of life.


Image of the sea in a picture or photo inthe interior instantly calms and pacifies. Calm or stormy, warm or cold, written in watercolor or shot on the phone - you can look at the water endlessly.

Collection of seashells

All collect seashells on vacation, but they rarelydecorate the interior, and often lie in the far corner. Why not put your collection on public display on open shelves in the living room? You can even make the most worthy copies in a frame or create unique compositions.

Marine glass

Such air-filled glass balls fishermenonce used to keep the network afloat. Now this is a rarity, a collectible and an interesting idea for use in decor and lighting. By the way, this float is quite simple to do by yourself - it is enough to decorate with a grid round glass vases of different colors.

Fishing nets

A simple fishing net in the design of a festivetable or suspended on the ceiling with entangled in it shells and sea stars - so decorate cozy coastal restaurants, one of which you probably ate delicious seafood last summer. Use this idea to instantly recreate the feeling that you are on the beach.

The stars of the seas

Starfish - a class of invertebratesechinoderms. And yet it is a universal symbol of beach rest, immortalized in a variety of types of decor and souvenirs sold in the resort towns. So it is not necessary to catch and dry the real invertebrate - even if you make a garland, table decoration or a picture from its plastic counterparts, you will still have only one glance to recall past vacations by the sea and dream about new ones.,