Design and Decor

A spacious and functional kitchen in the style of a country loft


Looking for inspiration? Today we will talk about this project - a kitchen that can become a role model

The kitchen, which we chose today, at firstthe view is quite simple. It has a lot of space, coziness and warmth. But the unique it makes the style of industrial loft, which is here with the style of country. It would seem that the combination is incompatible, but this mix surprises! "Ingredients" are chosen so skilfully that all together they look very harmonious.

The huge space of the kitchen was previously divided into two parts: the dining area and the kitchen itself. But the designers decided to merge the premises.

The color scale is not accidental: Oaks growing in the garden around the house inspired designers to choose green furniture. The other shades are also in harmony with the exterior. By letting nature in, the designers gave the owners of the house the opportunity to feel themselves in full harmony with it.

Wooden elements, including ventilationbox, made of maple. With the help of special techniques he was made old. It is thanks to this that it seems that this furniture has seen a lot and is used by several generations of the owners.

The island in the center of the kitchen is also made of maple. This is a rather unusual approach to the production of such kind of interior items, and the designers managed to create a real masterpiece! They painted the island, carefully it was sanded and in the finale was covered with brown and black paint. The table top is glossy, it was made of artificial stone - a very durable material, which is very important, because the island serves not only as a working surface, but also as a dining table.

The brick wall is really justbrick cladding. But it is made in such a way that it seems as if the house is an imposing industrial structure, which is already many years old. Notice how brick helps build a bridge between steel appliances and the more traditional elements of this kitchen. The kitchen is quite spacious, but the vertical shelves made of maple visually reduce its area.

To create such a cozy and harmonious space, we advise you to take inspiration in nature and not be afraid to combine different types of materials and finishes.