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Carpet on the wall: a new trend - a forgotten old

Is the carpet on the wall? As it is, it is a relic of the past, a dust collector - in no event! So now many people think. But do not rush with criticism. The carpet is again in vogue, and it is not going to surrender its positions, no matter what they say. Earlier, carpets were an indispensable attribute of the interior, more demonstrating the prosperity and status of its owner. Most often they did not fit into the overall picture and looked ridiculous. But not everywhere and not always. Someone bought carpets to provide heat and noise insulation. It is known that fashion has the property of returning. The same happened with carpets. How to find a place of carpet in a modern interior? Today we will give arguments in favor of wall carpets.

1. Modern style and wall carpet

It is difficult to imagine an oriental style without a wallA carpet that creates a comfortable atmosphere of tranquility and home warmth. In combination with sofa cushions and puffs in the interior there is a luxurious appearance. Colorful and juicy look wall carpets in the Moroccan style. Vintage, Scandinavian, mixed eclectic interiors - everywhere carpets will be appropriate. They are also good in the Indian, medieval, classical interior. How do you like this design? So I want to sit down on the soft pillow lying next to, look through the pages of books and listen to music from the records. Agree, these interiors warm. Heat, fashionable - and not necessarily clutter the whole wall. Eugene Milner, director of the furniture salon "Trio": - Of course, the right to life is everything. It all depends on the situation and the interior. Eastern motif often requires this element. But in my memory and with many of our compatriots the carpet on the wall is a greeting from the USSR. Therefore, I prefer the carpet under my feet. For example, now popular patchwork carpets, assembled from rags.

2. Panels and tapestries

By the way, and who said that they should beLarge and the whole wall? Designers offer an excellent alternative: panels and tapestries. For example, you can apply such a decor in a very fashionable loft style today. Too spacious interior looks finished and balanced thanks to a soft panel. On a dark background, this element creates the right contrast, emphasizing the beauty of the patterns on the carpet and the surrounding objects. Tapestry and panels can serve as accent details in the interior. They do not look old-fashioned, not trivial, on the contrary - it's exquisite. Vadim Materosyants, interior designer: - Carpets on the walls - this is already in the past. I think that any style can be emphasized differently. It's better to put the carpet on the floor, and decorate the walls with oriental accessories (if it's about the oriental style), mirrors, paintings. What is more interesting is the imitation of the carpet, drawn by the hand of the decorating artist.

3. Non-standard fastenings of wall carpets

We suggest to see how to mount carpets on the wallIn an unusual way. Perhaps, non-standard tricks you will like and will dispel the negative attitude to wall carpets. Interesting, stylish and fresh. And most importantly, you do not need to make many holes in the walls. In some cases, you can do with one nail or even without it. Our opinion: - It is important that the shape of the wall carpet be combined with the general lines of the entire interior. To successfully enter wall carpets in a modern interior, choose models with simple geometric patterns, in a monochrome scale.

4. Color Kaleidoscope

Wall carpets can be compared to colorA kaleidoscope. Remember, as a child fascinated by the bright patterns that are born in it? Feeling of joy and pleasant impressions leave carpets with beautiful ornaments. One such bright element in the interior is enough to make the space look beautiful, interesting and creative. Furniture in this case is the simplest. A place for the carpet can be found in any room, whether it is a living room or a bedroom. Elena Lazareva, creative director of WK School of Art and Design (London), designer, teacher: - I'm not a fan of carpets on the wall, but I would use it just like a picture or a panel. In order to emphasize the composition center of the interior, create a focal point.

5. Comfortable combination

The space will look harmonious ifThe carpet can be combined with various decor elements or furniture. For example, yellow flowers on the carpet and a bedside table in one color. In addition to color, they also perfectly match in shape. So, it's better when carpet patterns combine with furniture into one composition. A bright carpet can visually reduce space. In a small room, pastel monochrome shades are more appropriate. If you want to pay attention to the carpet - well. He is great for the role of the head of the bed. If you find a place in the living room, then let furniture and accessories be in gray. Gray is neutral and will not be distracting. Our opinion: - Be sure to consider in what tones the space is arranged. On light walls, carpets with a pastel color palette are interesting. On dark walls, juicy, mottled colors, such as red, orange and blue, will look more expressive. Carpets with neutral shades also perfectly match with dark walls: beige, gray, white. Despite the fact that many are striving for minimalism, everyone wants home warmth. Especially in the cold period of time. Wall carpet is just the "life buoy", which is able not only to warm you at any time, but also to give the interior a stylish and luxurious look.