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Universal soldier: green in the interior


Green is one of the nicest colors, shadeswhich can be used to decorate all rooms in a house or apartment. It is versatile and versatile. How to use it correctly in the interior? Green has an amazing ability to have a positive effect on humans. Depending on the shade, it is perceived to be soothing or, conversely, invigorating. He surrounds us everywhere, as he is a representative of the natural palette. Recently, city dwellers are increasingly turning to this color in interior design, often using it in eco-style. Thanks to the different shades of green, the space is filled with energy and freshness.

Green color: cold or warm?

Often there are disputes about which palette to includethis color: to cold or to warm. If there is more blue tint in green, then it belongs to a cold palette. It is considered warm when there is more yellow in it. In a room located on the north side, use warm shades of green, on the south - cool. In the east and west, you can use any of them, it all depends on the purpose of the room.

Living room

Green is famous for its soothingaction, and an invigorating setting is preferable for the living room. Therefore, you should not use a completely green palette, it is better to combine it, for example, with yellow. Such a duet will make the room sunny, cozy and comfortable. Choose upholstered furniture, flooring, décor and curtains in shades of green. Make the walls and ceiling more neutral. If you plan to paint the walls in a rich green color, then get the furniture in a calm color. It is easy to create a festive atmosphere by combining green and red. The main thing is not to overload the space with bright and contrasting combinations, make only small accents in the accessories. For example, one soft armchair and several pillows on the sofa can be red. Furniture of absolutely any style is suitable for the green range, which is considered its huge advantage. Our opinion The intense green color has a stimulating effect on the psyche. It invigorates and tones, which is why it is recommended to use it in the living room. Green works well with beige, brown, gold, gray and white. Don't forget about live plants: they fit perfectly into this color palette.


Discreet is great for the bedroom color: it adjusts to relaxation. Green combined with blue and light blue is good for a room with windows facing the sunny side. Decorate the walls of the bedroom located on the north side in softer and warmer colors - such colors as mustard, yellow-green, olive, lime shade. Our opinion Pastel shades of green promote good sleep, which is why psychologists recommend using them in the bedrooms of people with insomnia.

Green cuisine

A toning green palette is suitable for the kitchen,the combination of which with a yellow tone will add warmth and comfort. A cheerful atmosphere is easy to create with a duet of red and green, which is associated with strawberries and cheers up! Green is perceived positively in the kitchen. Pick up dishes, towels, countertops, lamps in the palette of a ripe apple. Paint the walls in a refreshing shade. But the ceiling, floor, household appliances and furniture, choose a light silver color to dilute such a bright design and make the kitchen interior more harmonious. Our opinion Using a light green palette, you can achieve a cool effect. This option relieves hunger and is suitable for those who want to lose weight.

Green Bathroom

Nowadays, green is more and more oftenиспользуют в интерьере ванной комнаты. Особенно в сочетании с белым, песочным и серым. Такая комбинация идеально вписывается в экостиль. Оформите в каком-нибудь зеленом оттенке стены, а сантехнику и мебель подберите белую. Не менее эффектно выглядит ванная комната, стены которой светлые, а мебель – зеленого цвета. По желанию комбинируйте палитру: используйте оттенки зеленого и светлые цвета в отделке стен и в мебели.


Благодаря сочетанию зеленого цвета с желтым легко create a forest glade, with blue - the sky and grass. A combination of light green with orange is welcome. Bindings of books, toys, drawings may well act as decorative elements. But pastel colors are rightfully considered the best for a children's room. It refreshes the space and sets a great mood. In addition, the children in the green room sleep well. Our opinion If you want your child to show interest in learning and learning the unknown, choose a yellow-green palette as the base color for the walls of his room: it stimulates brain activity.

On a note!

In general, green is considered a neutral color.which almost does not change the perception of space. But its cold shade visually increases the area of ​​the room.