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Decor living room: guide to the best articles of the year before -


Do you like to postpone repair to the last, but the interior suffers? Let's save the situation! Our selection of the best tips for decorating the living room for sure "will put a brush in your hand"

The first thoughts about repair most often come to ushead is in the living room - here we spend time with family, friends and TV. In order to meet with the multimedia equipment and the most expensive for us people with the greatest emotional impact, we suggest to recall the best articles about decorating the living room and apply a couple of them in practice.

After reading, you will forever remember why it is worth focusing on the window, why hang the chair and how to calculate non-trivial textures among the most commonplace samples.

Want to not find out your living room? Neurological diseases will not help you, but new curtains, non-trivial lighting and amusing games with textures - quite. Details search

Are you dreaming of transferring the laws of gloss to the real world? Here's how to implement your plans in the living room decor.

Why is too high art - the enemy of the decor number 1, whether to press against the wall and put the furniture on the carpet, you will learn, having familiarized with the opinions of experts in

We have raised the most burning topic of the lastweeks. Anyone who reads to the end will be able to claim with full responsibility that he has grasped the highest truth of interior design - fashion is created by the printed word.

Are small lofts nonsense? Not at all. In we collected 20 tiny loft-style living rooms and even asked an expert to comment on each shot.