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Select the stars: 7 hotels, where you should meet the autumn

Do not know where to go this fall? Do you dream of resting just like world celebrities? Then our selection of 7 luxury hotels will tell you where exactly it is worth to go, so as to guarantee not to miss: the stars here are frequented often There are many chic and expensive hotels in different corners of the earth. They are famous for their luxurious interiors of rooms, high-class service, plenty of spas and unsurpassed restaurants. But with all their merits, only a few are able to attract real celebrities and outstanding personalities. The owners of such hotels can boast not only a five-star quality, but also real stars in the rooms of their hotel. Perhaps, and you will make a choice in favor of one of the hotels that are so much attracted to world celebrities. In our collection you will not find any exoticism, no scandals and no hotels for beach holidays - only a respectable Europe where you will have entertainment, museums, restaurants, walks, trips to the spa and stories about the stars visiting these hotels.

1. CastaDiva Resort & Spa, Italy

This hotel is located on the coast ofIts beauty of Lake Como (Lago di Como), located in Italy. Interestingly, the resort consists of nine villas, and they all bear the names of Italian opera heroines. Here, visitors will find fine local cuisine at the L'Orangerie restaurant, a huge fragrant garden of more than 26,000 square meters, an upscale spa and much more. It's very good here! This hotel was visited by the inimitable Stevie Wonder, racer Jenson Button, the crew of Top Gear and Robert de Niro. The actor liked it so much that instead of the two days he had planned he stayed a whole week. And George Clooney went even further: being simply enchanted surroundings of the picturesque Lake Como, he acquired the Villa Oleandra (Oleandra), located not far from CastaDiva.

2. Lefay Resort & Sra Lago di Garda, Italy

Spanning at the foot of the Italian Alps, thisThe eco-friendly hotel boasts not only unique spa programs designed by leading craftsmen especially for Lefay, but also with a stunning panorama of Lake Garda (Lago di Garda). Numerous hiking and cycling routes through the mountains, walks through vineyards and olive groves, landscaped pools and medicinal gardens for yoga - all these pleasures attract a lot of rich people. Among them was the defender of the Russian national football team Sergei Ignashevich, who after the sad departure of the Russian team decided to restore his composure right here, along with his wife. One can only hope that rest in such a wonderful place will give him strength in new tournaments for future victories of the Russian team.

3. Castel Monastero, Italy

It's hard to believe that this high-class and cozyThe hotel used to be a small Italian village. It has existed for more than a thousand years. It all started with the construction of the monastery in 840, hence the name Castel Monastero. This resort is surrounded by the famous Chianti vineyards, which can be seen right from the hotel's charming rooms. In addition to an essential attribute of all the luxury holiday destinations - the spa, the pearl of this resort was the restaurant Contrada with an unrivaled Tuscan menu, made by the most cheeky chef in the world Gordon Ramsey. A charming maestro in combination is also the owner of this institution, so every dish of his cuisine, albeit not "hellish", can be waited with trembling and reverence. For those visitors who want to be in shape, attend spa treatments and at the same time eat very tasty, a special menu is developed, and in the restaurant there are separate places for them.

4. Barcelo Formentor, Spain

The magical Cape Formentor (Formentor), whichMallorca (Mallorca), has become a paradise, where in 1928 one Argentine millionaire built this hotel. The territory occupied by the hotel is 485 hectares. It has an elite golf course and a charming pine forest, where you can breathe the health of the air. Since its opening, Barcelo Formentor has attracted outstanding people of the era. Among the guests were the legendary Charlie Chaplin, Winston Churchill, Agatha Christie and Audrey Hepburn. But even now in these apartments there are such well-known personalities of our time as Adolfo Suarez, Dalai Lama, Yasser Arafat, Mikhail Gorbachev, Joan Fontaine and others.

5. Hotel Eden, Italy

This pearl of the world of hotels from DorchesterCollection since 1889 can boast of having received the powerful of this world. Royal persons, celebrities and high-ranking officials rested here, deciding the fate of millions. Surrounded by shady parks, the hotel is close to the Basilica di San Pietro and the Vatican. Within walking distance were the famous shopping streets of Condotti, Frattina and Borgonena. On the top floor of the building on the outdoor terrace is the restaurant La Terraza dell'Eden. Here one of the most amazing and breathtaking panoramas of Rome opens, where he found his inspiration Federico Fellini. Acquainted with Rome, living in the apartments Hotel Eden, chose Margaret Thatcher, Sigmund Freud, Meryl Streep, Woody Allen, Pierce Brosnan, Michelle Pfeiffer and many others. Even King Alfonso XIII of Spain chose this hotel, considering it the most suitable for such a high-ranking person.

6. Principe di Savoia, Italy

Elegant Milan hotel is not so muchExponential luxury, as much as its subtlety. But it does not look less luxurious, on the contrary, it gives it an extra charm. 401 room will accommodate many guests, among them, by the way, there are presidential apartments. It was they who stopped Frank Sinatra, Sophia Loren, Madonna, Robert De Niro. Perhaps each of them wanted to feel like a president, or they chose these apartments because of the availability in the pool room. Even in Principe di Savoia visited Nelson Rockefeller, Julio Iglesias, Lisa Minelli, Luciano Pavarotti, Maradona, Sting and even ex-James Bond - Sean Connery. Interestingly, in 1986 Sylvester Stallone and his already-former wife Brigitte Nielsen spent their holidays in this hotel. And after 10 years, but without his wife, Stallone again decided to visit the Principe di Savoia - apparently, even the harsh Rambo can not resist the charm of this Milan hotel.

7. The Dorchester, United Kingdom

Built in 1931, this hotel hasMajestic, even fighting appearance, but nevertheless its aesthetic appeal is actual today. At one time there was the headquarters of the generals Winston Churchill and General Eisenhower, where they developed a plan for landing allies in Normandy. But the story is in the past, and The Dorchester accepts all the new guests, and more than the politicians here only Hollywood stars. Sharon Stone, Elizabeth Taylor, Barbara Streisand and even the steel Arnie - Arnold Schwarzenegger chose this hotel as their temporary home. Woody Allen liked to write scripts here for his films. And the master of horror Hitchcock, staying here, noticed that The Dorchester is an ideal place for a crime that the police will never disclose. And even so, the guests at the hotel did not decrease. In addition to the fact that the stars stop here, the hotel itself is often "removed" in the cinema. So, meticulous to the details Stanley Kubrick, after a dozen options, chose the interiors of The Dorchester for the "Space Odyssey 2001". And in 2004, the heroes of the romantic film "Wimbledon", played by Kirsten Dunst and Paul Bettany, fell in love with this particular hotel.,,,,,,,