On what kitchens do the stars like to cook: 8 vivid examples


You think that world celebrities do notthey cook, and therefore they do not need a kitchen? Then let's take a look at their home and see if they are the opposite, and also find out why they like to be there. Maybe Hollywood stars are not cooked as often as not so well-known people do, but that does not mean they do not have a kitchen. When there is an opportunity, the favorites of the audience also want to cook something delicious. But in what kitchens they do it, we'll see now.

1. Jennifer Lopez

If you expect to see bright andtemperamental cuisine of this hot Latin American singer, then your expectations will not come true. J. Lo chose for herself the aristocratic restraint and sophistication of the French style. Nevertheless, she decided not to limit herself to strict classics, but made the kitchen space modern and rational, while maintaining sophistication and chic. The chic suite is made in gray-blue tones, which are complemented by luxurious white marble and glass. The oversized black stove and dining table create a charming accent. And the white leather dining chairs, along with the creamy wood flooring, make up for the lack of warmth in the interior. Our opinion: - Regardless of how many square meters your kitchen has, try to use as many glass and mirror surfaces as possible in its design. They will reflect the light beautifully, thus the whole kitchen will become lighter, weightless and airy, and at the same time the space of the room will visually increase. Take a look at Jennifer's kitchen: it has a mirrored apron, a reflective table and work surface, glass inset cabinets, a silver service and lots of small glass pieces.

2. Gwyneth Paltrow

This American actress has a huge kitchenit amazes with its immense size. But if you know that Gwyneth is hosting her cooking show on TV, then everything falls into place. Materials such as marble, wood and metal were used here as the main materials. As rational as possible and clearly divided into specific zones, this paradise for cooking is simply the standard of thoughtful functionality and ergonomics. There is no need to doubt that Gwyneth Paltrow loves to cook with her own hands. Every detail of the interior of this room is imbued with true English style. Note that most of the crockery and kitchen utensils are beautifully displayed. And how many interesting accessories you can see here, and all of them have a practical application, even a metal bird by the window is not just a decoration, but also a real coffee maker. How about antique scales, which can also be used for their intended purpose?

3. Michael Hall

From the actor better known as Dexter Morgan fromof the eponymous series, you can expect a not entirely cheerful cuisine. But despite the prevailing gray color in the interior of the room, it is made in the Spanish style and diluted with several bright retro accents. Michael says his favorite item in the house is the orange bench in the kitchen, made back in the 1960s for a German university. Its solid construction and bold color soothe the actor and make the kitchen even more comfortable.

4. Cameron Diaz

Star blonde Cameron Diaz was not afraidexperimenting with incredibly rich colors and unusual finishes, the result is a stunning glamorous kitchen. Stylish emerald fronts, ebony floors, and a brass apron and worktop create an atmosphere of undisguised luxury. Cameron Diaz is crazy about bright and shiny things, and she blames her Cuban roots for this. Perhaps that is why the kitchen has become her favorite room in the apartment, and such an interior helps to wake up in the morning faster than a cup of strong coffee.

5. Elton John

The bold and expressive cuisine of Elton John and hiswife David Furnish showcases a great combination of geometric furniture and art collections. It was difficult for the musician and director to come to a common denominator, since Elton is an adherent of bright bold colors, and his husband prefers calm, neutral tones. The designer quickly found a way out and offered the couple the concept of the 70s, having received an interesting play of contrasts. The abundance of paintings and sculptures is dictated by the desire of Elton, because it is his irresistible passion since childhood. A very interesting detail of this kitchen is how the refrigerator is cleverly hidden behind a large kitchen cabinet. It's hard not to pay attention to the dazzling crystal chandelier that once adorned the lobby of Milan's Grand Hotel. Our opinion: - The open plan is very popular now, you just have to look at the apartments of many stars and make sure that it is really stylish and effective. And Elton John's kitchen is an excellent confirmation of this. If you decide to give preference to just such a layout, be sure to take care of a powerful hood and silent technology. Otherwise, you will constantly regret your choice.

6. Gisele Bundchen

And again, luxurious white marble countertops andwooden cabinets, only now they meet us in the kitchen of a Brazilian supermodel and one of the Victoria's Secret angels. Giselle is an ardent defender of nature, ambassador of the UN environmental program, and she strongly supports the green movement. Therefore, when arranging the house, old restored building materials were used, and almost all elements of the house underwent careful restoration. Ceramic tiles, beams and floorboards had to be carefully restored, but the effect was simply amazing. Now this charming French chateau-style kitchen on the Pacific coast is captivating with its simplicity and comfort.

7. Cher

Owning many houses, Cher tries to create ineach apartment has a cozy atmosphere corresponding to one or another segment of her life, as well as the state of her soul at that moment. She transferred her Buddhist sentiments to one of the apartments and received a wooden kitchen made in ethnic style and calm colors. The artificially aged facades were cut by hand and equipped with modern technology. Metal lamps in the form of Chinese lanterns with large candles inside saturate the entire kitchen with the romance and mystery of the East.

8. Will Smith

According to Will himself, he really wanted toeverything in his house was handmade. So that people do things with their own hands, and thus, in every corner of the house, the work and love that have been invested in the work can be felt. Smith strives to live in harmony with nature. Ecological style and vibrant ethnic motives create an unrivaled combination that gives this kitchen a genuine charm. The presence of antique furniture and a wealth of decor items only underline the multifaceted personality of this outstanding actor.,