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Dream House in Yalta: how to plan an open space

How to properly zone an open space inhome? Why not clutter it up with partitions and walls? We decided to consider these issues on the example of an unusual house project that is being built in Yalta. He is an Englishman, and once having arrived from London to Crimea, he fell in love not only with his beautiful landscapes, but also with a girl with whom he no longer wanted to part. She is sunny and optimistic, like all Crimeans, and her hometown is Yalta. Here the newlyweds decided to build their dream home. They turned to Elena Ponomarenko's design and architecture studio for help. Elena Ponomarenko, architect Head of the Vitta-Group interior design studio, architect, member of the Union of Designers of Russia, member of the Union of Designers of Ukraine, member of the British Academy of Design.

Dream House

The project was named "Dream House".For this young couple, it is ideal, as it combines an unusually attractive design, many interesting, fashionable techniques and a convenient layout that does not hinder or deprive the feeling of freedom. Since young people are very fond of everything new and unusual, modern style has become the main direction for decorating their home. He allowed him to experiment with materials, colors and space planning. Elena Ponomarenko, architect: - The basis of this house is simplicity and maximum functionality. This is what was the main wish of the customers. For a long time, this family dreamed of their individual, original house, not similar to the neighboring buildings of the same type, and our studio made this dream come true.

Maximum open space

The fact that this family is ready for experiments is noticeablealready from the first floor of the house, where they decided to make a free layout. Elena Ponomarenko believes that this type of layout has many advantages, and that you should not close it with walls of little use. Using this project as an example, we can observe how it is possible to zone a space without resorting to standard partitions. One spacious room contains several functional areas, each of which is divided by the level of the ceiling, furniture and interior. Especially the reception with the ceiling allows you to make the interior more airy. The highest level of the ceiling is in the living room area, its height is 7 meters, which made it possible to highlight this area more clearly and give it more significance.

On a fashionable wave: ecotema

Our characters are very fond of nature, so theywanted to surround themselves with natural materials. They wanted to touch the texture of the tree and contemplate the texture of the brick on the walls. Proceeding from this, the main shades on which the entire interior of the house is built are the colors of steel and wood. Furniture items and other elements created from natural modern materials are in perfect harmony with them.

Art-lounge and bedroom in refreshing shades

Now turn to a detailed examination of eachfrom the rooms. And we will begin a tour of the house of dreams from the kitchen, where our heroes plan to create joint culinary masterpieces. It features functionality and simplicity, everything is at hand here. The main role is assigned to a large kitchen island with a hob. His work area smoothly turns into a dining table, which is adjustable in height. The living room is in this house a central zone,where the newlyweds plan to receive guests and spend a lot of time browsing their favorite movies and just enjoying the conversation while sitting by the fireplace in unusual armchairs. From this zone, it is planned to create a real art gallery, where modern art objects will be placed, whose big fans are the customers of the project. The second floor has three bedrooms andbathroom. In the master bedroom, they decided to create a refreshing interior with mint notes that will prevail in textiles. Elena Ponomarenko, architect: - What is unusual in this interior? We created a zest by using the space wisely: part of the room was given to a dressing room, the rest is occupied by a bed and a TV area. The accent of the interior is a panel depicting a girl on a brick wall. We had great pleasure working on the project. All the professional skills that we possess were used in this interior. The highest score for us is the customer's praise and faith in us as specialists.

Tips from Elena Ponomarenko:

  • The first rule that is necessaryguided by the design of the house: the exterior and interior are inseparable. They must match and fully harmonize. You can not decorate the exterior in the classical style, and the interior filling the house in a completely opposite direction.
  • In the design of this house, we applied a lotglazing. People in our country are not used to this, many are afraid of this method, they do not want to apply it, referring to the fact that it is not energy efficient. But look at the Scandinavian buildings or houses in Canada, most of which are designed in this way. But they have a much lower air temperature than ours. Of course, the usual double-glazed windows, which are installed in the apartments, will not work, for this purpose a special energy-saving glazing is used.
  • In our projects we try to leave a maximumfreedom in space. We advise not to surround yourself with a lot of partitions, do not hide behind walls, and do a free lay-out. It gives more space to the dynamics, makes it light and spacious.
  • We always use only natural materials and advise everyone to do this. This improves the quality of life, allows you to always feel comfortable and protected.
  • In addition to the fact that the material must benatural, in our opinion, to choose the finishing and furniture from famous brands, which are famous for their impeccable quality. In this project it is planned to use materials and interior items from such producers as Poliform, Antonio Lupi, Gessi, Rimadesio, Delta Light, Tonin Casa, Misura Emme, Vibia, Baxter.
  • visualizations provided by Elena Ponomarenko