Energy Saving Houses

A house that heats the sun


Prices for housing and communal services are biting more and more persistently,the ecology in the city is not improving either. What to do? Build an energy efficient home! Today we will talk about just such a project. This unique project was prepared for the competition of the well-known manufacturer of insulation materials Rockwool. The house combines modern forms and traditional materials (ordinary clay brick), the latest advances in science and technology (solar collectors and photovoltaic panels) and the almost complete absence of sophisticated automation (the so-called smart home), comfortable warmth in winter and mild coolness in summer. This project represents the environmental standard of the future - a 100% solar-heated home. These almost fantastic possibilities will be realized thanks to a huge solar storage - literally and figuratively the “heart of the house”, which receives energy from solar collectors; flawless polyurethane foam insulation (made by spraying); as well as ultra-energy efficient glazing. The absence of complex automation, various electronic systems and other elements inherent in a smart home can be called the main advantage of this completely easy-to-maintain (the most difficult element here is a four-way valve), a very comfortable and extremely reliable solar home. Olga Makarova, architect, interior designer Likes to work with projects in which eco-style elements can be used. She is happy to use simple, natural, environmentally friendly materials. Olga sees her main goal as an architect in creating a harmonious living environment for her customers.


The shape of the building allows the sun to maximizeget into the interior. The windows are positioned in such a way that the sun's rays literally penetrate the house. The rounded shape of the building helps to reduce the area of ​​the facade and, as a result, reduce heat loss. The minimization of the north glazing and the huge south facing windows are perfectly in line with the solar home concept. At the same time, in the energy system of the house, the flow of heat through the southern glazing in winter is not fundamental. Therefore, the glazing is made with a negative angle. This guarantees coolness in summer and comfortable lighting all year round. Panoramic, huge windows allow you to "let" the surrounding landscape into the house. Thus, creating the most comfortable of the possible options for merging man with nature.

Wall material and foundation

Constructively the house is made traditionally: in clay bricks and concrete. This increases the thermal inertia and reduces the peak load on the heating system, as well as provides a comfortable microclimate in the house. The foundation was a thermally insulated reinforced concrete slab on a sand cushion. The use of such materials allows construction on virtually any soil.

Ventilation with heating

Ventilation installation corresponds to Germanstandards, but takes into account the harsher climatic conditions - the system includes an additional unit that uses geothermal heat, thus compensating for harsher conditions in winter and fully provides the necessary cooling in the summer.

Heating and air-conditioning system

The heating system is made in the form of "warm floors"and "warm walls", which can significantly reduce the required temperature of the coolant to 23-25 ​​degrees and maximize the energy collected in the drive. This system also allows passive cooling to be provided with the help of an additional unit.

Solar storage

The solar drive, he, as we have already said,the heart of the whole energy system of the house is a powerful (25 m3) heat accumulator. He accumulates energy produced in summer by a flat solar plant. The system of loading-unloading of heat is three-level, which allows more fully to load the heat accumulator with energy and to use it as economically as possible. Inside the battery (which is a huge insulated metal cylinder) is also a three-level hot water storage tank, which provides the house with its large reserve and economical energy consumption for heating.


Architectural and engineering design of the houseallows you to harmoniously enter the fireplace with a water circuit (Edil Kamin), which will become a holiday center for fans of festive evenings to sit by the fire for a cup of coffee or a glass of cognac. A powerful solar drive is ready to take any amount of energy, at any time convenient for the owner, without losing a drop of heat.