Energy Saving Houses

The highest eco-houses in 2014


World Council on High-Rise Buildings and UrbanWednesday named the winners in the competition for the tallest eco-houses in the world at the end of 2014. The urban jungle of the modern world amazes with the views from the windows of high-rise buildings and skyscrapers. The achievements of the construction industry can be seen especially brightly in Stockholm, Los Angeles, London, Tokyo, Paris. The reason to go there can be multi-storey giants that amaze with their grandeur. What are they, the tallest houses in the world? That was the question raised by the High-Rise and Urban Environment Council in 1969. It was then that this organization was created, which studies and measures buildings around the world and selects the tallest of them every year. This year's competition was attended by 88buildings equipped with all kinds of eco-chips. The title of the best was awarded to only 4 houses, which will remain competitors until December 2014, when the final results of the competition will be announced (only one skyscraper can become the winner). The main criterion this time was the combination of cold urban everyday life and environmental motives. The jury members explained that the growth of large cities in general and the construction of tall buildings in particular are detrimental to Mother Nature. Therefore, they tried to choose houses that are in harmony with the environment as much as possible and remind a person of his kinship with it.

So, let's reveal the main intrigue! Who came to the finals?

The winner in America was the house Green / WendellWyatt Federal Building, which is located in Portland. It is unique in that it is equipped with solar panels, which can reduce the cost of heating and electricity by 50%. It is equipped with a special system, 100% cleansing air from all kinds of exhaust gases and industrial vapors. And, of course, they did not forget about the green decor: he found a place in all rooms and all staircases! Winner in Australia - One CentralPark East, the work of the famous architect-experimenter Jean Nouvel, who always challenges both himself and society. This complex is a real multi-storey garden! As the author himself says, this is a huge breathing organism among the urban landscape of Sydney. In Europe, the championship was taken by De Rotterdam fromNetherlands. It represents an entire city castle of three towers, in which, thanks to the regulation and stabilization of wind currents, the most natural ventilation is provided. In Dubai (United Arab Emirates) the bestwas recognized as the home of the Cayan Tower. It is made in the form of a spiral tower that goes into the sky. This is perhaps the most amazing of skyscrapers. Its walls from the base to the roof are twisted exactly 90 degrees!