House and Cottage

House in the style of a minimalist chalet -


Chalet wins more and more with each seasonfans. This style can already be seen in the design of city apartments, but many still doubt that they will be able to get used to the feeling of the "village", even if it's French. We found a house in which there is practically no detail hinting at the village, however it is still a chalet

In this age of change and freedom, even the mostThe established postulates show flexibility and open up to new trends. In interior design it is also actual, the chalet is no longer the personification of a mountain village, henceforth it is an eco-friendly style that can manifest itself in almost any space.

For example, this house called ChevallierArchitectes designed with obvious curtsey towards minimalism. It's still a chalet, but already "polished" and restrained. In the living room you can see a few details in retro style, a large amount of wood and no less characteristic of the chalet animal motifs.

The authors paid much attention to the light. In the dining area, for example, where the owners are likely to spend a lot of time at family culinary gatherings, air, scattered lighting is provided.

But the greatest impression on us was made by the bathroom - a concrete sink and round sections of wood, some of which are used as the basis for mirrors.