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How to decorate your little bathroom: 10 ideas and 5 tips -


A small bathroom tends to causefeeling of discomfort. And if it is not in your power to move the walls apart, then it is quite possible to make the space more comfortable and functional. Our tips will help you cope with this task No matter how small it is, every housewife dreams of making her practical, cozy and beautiful. The task is doable if you know a few little secrets.

1. Black and white will expand the space

Add a medium to large graphic to the walls. It is desirable. Against its background, plumbing items look smaller, and the room itself is wider.

2. Shelves and racks

"Scatter" shelves or racks to store the items you need. You will have a feeling of increasing the volume of the bathroom. A mirror on one of the walls will enhance this effect.

3. Floor to ceiling

Floor-to-ceiling tiles can give the feeling of increasing space. And if you choose the right combination of colors and shades, the impression will be terrific.

4. Colors, "pushing" the walls

Bold colors and textures "push" the walls. The mirror also works on the volume.

5. Use the mosaic

Textured or mosaic tiles add depth to the space. The impression of expansion will increase if the tile is glossy and will occupy the entire wall from floor to ceiling.

6. Horizontal and bright

The room will appear much wider if you use bright horizontal shelves.

7. Combine colors

Combine the tiles in different colors and shades by sequentially introducing color.

8. More transparency

Even a very small bathroom will lookAcceptable in size, if used in its decoration, reflective materials (nickel-plated metal, mirrors) and glass. Glass shower cubicle does not steal space due to its transparency.

9. Do not leave niches empty

Shelves, located in the niches of the bathroom, also give the space depth. The impression is amplified many times, if the niches themselves are marked with a more saturated color.

10. The ideal option

This is one of the most successful solutions for smallBathroom. On the visual enlargement of the room everything plays here: suspended plumbing and furniture, decor of walls and floor, glossy ceiling, mirror, horizontal shelves.

Five "not" when finishing a small bathroom

  • Do not get a very large tile for finishing. The smaller the bathroom, the smaller the size of the tile.
  • Do not divide the dark bottom and light top of the bathroom wall with a curb - from this the room will seem even smaller.
  • Do not use massive furniture and large plumbing. In the priority - compact.
  • Do not make bright side lighting - it visually reduces the room.
  • Do not sacrifice a sink for a large bath. It is better to have a compact shower cubicle than a bulky bathtub and permanent inconveniences due to the lack of a shell.
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