Organization of space

How the interior will help you become an organized person -


Constantly late for meetings, lose keys andforget to buy cookies for tea? Your own home will help to cope with the problem. Just give him a chance and help a little. We will teach you what to do

The information age has given us huge, almostincomprehensible possibilities of human consciousness and as a result full of bedlam in the heads. Surprising in this little. TV, sotsseti, news sites, twitter, instagram, office news, calls, messages, short conversations with the barista, a flurry of incoherent thought stream of strangers on the street, in shops, in the elevator and in the parking lot would drive any untrained traveler out of the mind of the last century, but here we are.

На переработку этой в большинстве случаев лишней information leaves a huge amount of forces of a very different order. Is it any wonder that efficiency is lame on all limbs? Hardly. But it is necessary and possible to deal with this, including with the help of the interior. Well, let's put our life in order, organize our life and prepare for a completely new sense of clarity of thought. 1. Sophisticated storage systems

What prevents us to keep clean every day? Most often laziness. But what provokes it? I do not want to put jeans and carry in the closet, there and so damn my leg will break; let the plate remain in the dryer, you will not put it in the closet anyway; I do not remember where the mop is, tomorrow I will wipe the floor, leave it in a prominent place, or it will be lost.

Order requires a clear system, there's nothingcan not be helped. There is only one way out: spend a few hours of your precious life trying to disassemble everything (and this is the key word) things in the house and find a permanent place of dislocation for everyone. In the future, we will simply have to maintain the current state of things and not see this as a feat. 2. Perfectly organized kitchen

This point is not accidentally inferred. Complete full and absolute order in the kitchen is often more difficult than cleaning the whole house. Our advice is to choose a day and clean each shelf, drawer and cabinet from unnecessary, stale and simply unnecessary things. And then spread out the rest so that you do not have to knock down jars and bubbles for the sake of a bag of saffron. Hang clean towels, place frying pans and pans so as to extract a minimum of sounds while searching for the right dishes; disassemble the cutlery and take away those that have not been used for more than six months. 3. Availability of cleaning tools

How often did you postpone the cleaning of pipes or washingshells, because they did not want to go down on their knees and look for dusty bottles of chemicals? Before the arrival of guests, is it more pleasant? Many of us, it would seem, are not so slovenly, try to bring pollution to a certain level, so that after spending a couple of hours, clean out right away everywhere.

If this approach suits you completely -well, your choice, but if the dust and crumbs on the floor make you look bashful, and the anticipation of general cleaning does not allow you to enjoy breakfast, think about a new way to distribute tools for cleaning. Let the mop or broom be so accessible that you literally need to make one, maximum two movements to take it in hand. The trash can also be in a convenient place and be of sufficient width so that the contents of the scoop or the container of the vacuum cleaner move to it without loss. 4. Thoughtful wardrobe

In your style, we do not climb, but there is one habit,which is great saves time and nerves, and most importantly - teaches you the notorious organization. This habit consists in every evening thinking over the image of tomorrow. The action is quite simple, and for many even pleasant. In addition, you can do this even while lying in bed before falling asleep, even during dinner. The main thing is that tomorrow morning will be much more pleasant and peaceful for you. 5. Clear functional areas

Working with a computer in bed before the good does notbrings, especially if it turns into a system. Your house should be divided into clear and understandable zones. If you learn to share the common and the private, work and leisure, and identify the boundaries of the freedoms of each member of the family, you will not simply face the mistakes of the past - you can change your life for the better. 6. Place for doing sports

What cleans and orders the mind best? Sport! You do not have time for a fitness club and you are categorically forgiving an exercise bike in the interior? No problem, buy a yoga mat, watch a couple of online classes on the Internet and start playing sports ... mentally. Of course, the tension of the mind will not strengthen your muscle tone, but the regularity of the mental efforts will eventually propel the mat and unite thought and action. And there and before the consultation with a professional coach is not long. The main thing - remember: sport temperes the mind. 7. To do list

Making payments on the loan, paying utilities,the schedule of lessons of capoeira, the morning in the kindergarten and the birthday of the boss are all important parts of our life that can not be missed. And there is only one way to not forget anything - to keep all the information in one place. It can be an application in the phone, a special tablet with a calendar and notes hanging in the hallway, or legible text written by a marker on the refrigerator. Collect all notes, notes and reminders in one single place and get used to the idea that from now on you will not forget anything. 8. Rituals

They are important and pleasant in their own way. For example, regular inspection of the house in search of non-turned-off light and an unclosed crane can help you remember the important and suddenly forgotten document lying on that "prominent place". An ordinary laundry with the subsequent relaxed hanging of clean things in the company with the younger generation will teach the children the necessary skill. Such trifles as keys, always going to their place, and the phone connected to charging on arrival home, again will save you time and nerve cells. However, for more psychological health and protection from routine, accustom yourself to changing rituals every month. 9. Expansion of the zone of responsibility

This item is for those who are on the way with upbringing in thehis organization decided to go to the end. If you value life in all its forms above all, settle in your house the most capricious plant that you can find - balsam, cyclamen, Venus flytrap. Better yet, cultivate bonsai - if everything is done correctly, this action will teach you both to rituals, to responsibility and to following the schedule.