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How to beautifully decorate a room: ideas for decorating a rented apartment

Decor walls in the apartment with your own hands only withThe first look seems to be a simple occupation that everyone can cope with, but when it comes to practice, many people experience stupor. So we enlisted the help of professional designers Kira Vavakina, Alekseyu Ilinu and Elena Krylova advice from Kiry Vavakinoy: how to transform a removable apartment Kira Vavakina graduated from the Higher School of Industrial Art, Interior Department. Worked in RCMDI (Russian Combine of Monumental and Decorative Arts) and in the design studio Home store. Today he is engaged in private practice. - I will not talk about styles. As a rule, go to the "ugly flat" this is not even the question. In this case, only the maximum decoration of the walls and a combination of different patterns, curbs, colors and fabrics is possible. Then get a "temporary theater," and this is very interesting - make a temporary decoration, as in the theater! Tip # 1: glue solid wallpaper of beautiful color First you need to look carefully at the wallpaper and see if everything is so bad. For example, if you have a nondescript sweater, it is always possible to "cheer up" a bright scarf. So with the wallpaper: buy one roll of solid wallpaper in a beautiful color, suitable for the existing. Paste one wall or one piece. Close the opposite wall with shelves or a rack with books. Tip # 2: Refresh the interior with small details. Here's what else you can do to transform the overall picture:

  • A time-worn sofa with an obviously unattractive appearance is decorated with a beautiful blanket brought with you.
  • On the floor, put a small woven rug, bought at the sale.
  • Buy any suitable fabric (chintz or polyester) in the remains, for example in IKEA, and make a curtain with your own hands.
  • If the table has an ugly old countertop, you can cut out its form of hardboard, and put a piece of beautiful cloth or wallpaper under it.

Tip # 3: Textiles as the basis of the whole interior. On fabrics of different patterns, you can. For example, pull on and fix on the wall (or part of it) textiles with the help of carpet rings. At the same time, partially curtain the door with a curtain, as it was done before. Tip # 4: bright edging from paper curbs Another technique is decorative and simple. In the wall-paper shops often there are in sale rolls of paper borders with different motifs: floral, geometric. Buy such a decorative element and glue along the ceiling along the entire perimeter - and the bright edge is ready! Tips from Alexei Ilyin: Choice in favor of decorative finishes Alexey Ilyin Graduated from the Moscow State Art and Industry Academy named after S.G. Stroganov (MGHPA named after Stroganov), a member of the Moscow Union of Designers and the International Public Association "Union of Designers" (IDASS). Today he heads the design bureau "Maximus". - I'll tell you about practical ways of finishing the walls. I came across in my design practice with such a problem as scary walls, and I think that its solution must be cardinal. In addition, the owners of the rented dwelling, as a rule, are happy with the improvement of the aesthetic qualities of the premises being rented. Tip # 1: Do not despair! So, the long-awaited moment has come: you have crossed a threshold of the apartment rented by you - and suddenly were dumbfounded. A cursory inspection the day before you are not alarmed, but when the owners have taken furniture, mirrors, carpets, paintings, your gaze presents a wall with wallpaper stragglers, bumpy corners and rectangles on the discolored surfaces, some suspicious streaks and other "charms". And here there are two ways: to remain a "happy" owner of the walls with rubbed, cracked and peeling paint or to change everything for the better and make a choice in favor of decorative plaster. It's impossible to live happily with eerie walls, but this is not a catastrophe. Look at the situation differently: now you have a reason to show individuality and bring a few fresh and aesthetic touches to your life in a new place. Your desire to live in a new way generates a thirst for action! Tip # 2: Prepare the wall for experiments Remove the old wallpaper along with a paper or newspaper substrate. Defective paint or decorative plaster, if any, can also be partially removed in places of greatest damage. Often on such walls cracks are found, liquidate them - "shred" and shpaklyuyte. And here before your eyes is the relatively smooth and clean surface of the walls. Nothing extra. You can take this opportunity and do a short meditation. When "enlightenment" touches your consciousness, you can move on. Tip # 3: Choose the type of wall cover It is worth remembering that the wall covering can be bright and self-sufficient, and can only be the background on which the elements forming the interior are located and the location of the decor fragments. Different types of wall coverings require different wall preparation, this must be taken into account. Tip # 4: the right wallpaper Choose which one you like and approaches the general concept of the room. They can contrast with the floor covering, furniture and other things, and they can act as "companions", complementing all this and emphasizing some commonality. Tip # 5: decorative plaster as part of the interior Painting or decorative plaster, like wallpaper, can have a bright, unusual component of the interior. For example, "Venetian" or other plaster with significant relief or active color scheme. It is not necessary to choose in favor of brightness. "Calm" plaster or painting, not allocated itself, perfectly emphasizes the "filling" of walls, color and texture properties of furniture and decor. Tip # 6: Create the effect of negligence You can trim the walls, keeping the deliberate carelessness of the putty. Leave all the cracks and cavities, applying a rough trowel or even a hand. Paint this "natural splendor" with a white matte paint. This will create an unusually attractive image of the "medieval cell", which will allow using the plane of the walls as a kind of "exhibition space". On this wall look amazing paintings of any direction, edged photographs (especially black and white), some oriental carpets and souvenirs, weapons, flat ceramics, and any collectibles. Tip # 7: Leave it as it is. Generally, the deliberate simplicity, even some roughness of the walls, perfectly emphasizes the refinement of what we perceive against their background, whether it is neo-baroque furniture, modern glass interior items or the Barcelona chair. Sometimes walls are generally left concrete, a la naturel, even with seams. And this is also a kind of aesthetic technique, allowing to create a natural background for an interesting and bright or restrained filling of the living space. So you can just delete all the "historical and everyday layers" and leave only the plaster, concrete or brick. Tip # 8: Do not damage the brick wall. Sometimes a brick wall is covered with a special homogeneous painting coat, simulating the natural color of the brick. I doubt in the advisability of such a finish. Firstly, because natural and especially the old brick does not need a decorative coating. Secondly, it seems to me that any fake or imitation is mauvais ton (bad taste), if it is not dictated by any valid reasons. Tip # 9: Combine the types of finishes The option of combined wall finishing is possible when, based on the general conceptual design of the interior solution, you can finish the walls in different ways. This is completely justifiable if it corresponds to a common idea. In this version, it is possible to effectively use photo or relief wallpaper, imitating, say, an antique mural. A selective fragmentary wall decoration is also possible. For example, when a common, one-tone, light color, the part of the wall that is separated by plaster overlaid elements is trimmed with "Venetian plaster", it is performed with the help of alfraic work under marble or under onyx. Tip # 10: stick to the design concept. Whatever you do, whatever method of wall decoration you choose - you need to strictly adhere to the design concept that is the basis of your actions to create an interior. And then you will find bliss, living in the ideal life space for you, and you will be happy whenever you return home. Read also. Tips from Elena Krylova: If the owners of the apartment can not agree Elena Krylova Practicing designer, decorator, head of design studio, a graduate of the International School of Design. The studio's portfolio - design projects for Bari Alibasov, Natasha Koroleva, Leny Leninoy, Edita Peha other stars of show business. Cooperates with several TV channels. - The complexity of decorating the interior of the rented apartments is always in agreement with the owners. Often, no painting, no wallpaper in the interior of a removable apartment can not be. Help comes handy materials that help to hide the shortcomings and at the same time quickly dismantled in case of discontent of the owners. Related articles Tip # 1: create an illusion As an option, textiles can come to the rescue. Draper the wall, and with the help of photo wallpapers create an imitation of false. Tip number 2: hang posters and pictures Decorate the wall with posters and paintings, placing them on the wall almost closely to each other, creating an interesting installation. This will not only close the wall, but also create an interesting decorative effect. Tip # 3: Cover the wall with plywood, a cork or plasterboard. After all, the wall can be simply covered with a sheet of plasterboard, plywood or cork. Of course, this will "steal" a little space in the apartment, but it will look better than originally. With the sheet, in turn, you can come up with everything, on which there is enough imagination. For example, create a plan with cases for a week or attach your photos. And you can paint the sheet with the children or paint with the effect of the slate. This option is the fastest and painless for installation. If the sheet gets bored with time, it can be easily taken out of the apartment. Source: