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How to choose the right wallpaper: 5 tips and recommendations for the pros


How to choose the right wallpaper? How to avoid problems with the footage? What is the basis for wallpaper greener? What you need to know about the wallpaper, so as not to get trapped? These and other questions were answered by our wall design experts. If you abandoned the luxuriously brutal decoration of walls with brickwork or hooligan graffiti, then you have a direct road to the wallpaper salon. With the help of our experts, we have prepared several recommendations that will help you choose the right wallpaper for your house and withstand the onslaught of an helpful consultant.


When you buy clothes, do you try it on? And so the wallpaper is clothes for the house. So feel free to try on the wall wallpaper. Look at the wallpaper should not be in a roll, but roll it one or two meters along the wall. You can attach the sample to the wall and move a few meters to assess the overall picture. If you still like some wallpaper - buy a trial roll and test it in the "field conditions", that is, at home. Pay special attention to lighting. In the cabin, it usually does not match home: the fluorescent lamps are colder than the lighting in the apartment. The color of the wallpaper and the feeling from them in the rooms facing the different directions of the world change significantly. So, light cold wallpaper can get a dirty shade in the "southern" room, and in the "northern" one sometimes very much wants to add heat and brightness with wallpaper of warmer shades. It will not be superfluous to "try on" the wallpaper separately in sunny and rainy weather - sometimes you can not believe that these are the same wallpaper! Look at how the room is lit and how the wallpaper looks on a sunny day.

Wallpapers of collections and flowers

Try not to buy wallpaper from different collections. Choose one collection - this will allow you to make the interior more harmonious and less variegated. You have to live with these wallpaper for at least three years. Of course, if you like to take risks and adoreexperiments, you can choose wallpapers from different collections. But still it is better to study all the available proposals. Professional designers worked on them, making sure that the combination is stylistically correct and at the same time not trivial. Elena Kukharskaya, General Director of "Ar-project": - As in any business, when choosing wallpaper, it is important to clearly define the task. It is useless to wander in search of something that simply or suddenly you will like it - the choice of wallpapers is huge, and the process can be delayed. Decide on the style of the interior of the room for which you are choosing wallpaper - classic, provence, modern, modern style, avant-garde - this will narrow your search. An important point in the choice of wallpaper is the zoning of the future interior of the room, this will help determine whether you will highlight one or more interior zones. Modern collections offer a huge selection of companion wallpapers. To determine the color scheme, it would be good to have an idea of ​​the future filling of the room. If the furniture already lives in your home, take photos of it. If you are just planning to purchase furniture, doors, etc., stock up on samples of veneers or paints in furniture salons, this will help you not to be mistaken in choosing a shade of wallpaper for your room. ar.arproject Having decided with the general style, you can easily choose the design for each room separately. Do not hurry. Your home is just your project. To be sure, visit several salons.Do not neglect small shops. They are often resellers of well-known companies that do not work for the mass market, but supply capsule collections. By purchasing wallpaper from them, you can be sure of the exclusivity and quality of the selected product. In our opinion, the most interesting companies from the premium segment with a large number of capsule collections are Zoffani, Morris & Co, Designers Guild. We used elements of some of the collections of these companies to illustrate the article.

Wallpapers by type

Wallpaper wallpaper by type. For each room - its own type of wallpaper. For example, it's better to cover children's wallpaper with eco-wallpaper on a breathable basis, and vinyl wallpaper or wallpaper on nonwoven can be used for the living room. If in doubt, opt fora classic collection from a well-known and respected manufacturer. Classics are always high quality and fashionable. Natasha Lomeiko, architect-designer, coach, managing partner of Elizabeth Interiors studio, author and host of trainings in the field of VIP-interior design: - Of course, using the right type of wallpaper is very important. So, for children's rooms, we recommend using paper wallpapers. They are very environmentally friendly, and their quality is now very high. Paper wallpapers are also perfect for decorating the living room and bedroom, because we spend quite a lot of time in these rooms. We can recommend vinyl for such premises as kitchen, hallway ...


Be sure to ask for a certificate. Quality wallpapers necessarily pass several stages of different tests (hygienic standards). And all this is scrupulously documented. If your favorite collection is not accompanied by a long list that starts with the word "Tested ...", then look further, for it is not your wallpaper. Wallpapers occupy a large area in our homes andApartments and can significantly affect our health and the environment of the surrounding area, so it is important to know exactly what materials they are made of and what colors were used in the production.

Olesya and Elena Stasov, heads of the studio "StasovySisters":

- If we talk about serious author's projects,it's better to trust your designer. Because this is the person who knows this market. He leads your project and will take into account all your wishes, find the best option for you (both in price and in quality performance). If, nevertheless, you buy wallpaper yourself, consider the number of rolls when buying. You will protect yourself by purchasing one roll in excess of what you need. When gluing wallpaper, part of the roll can be cut off to fit a given rapport (a repeating element of the pattern). And even if your child feels like an artist and depicts his masterpiece on the wall, or “creative talents” wake up in the cat, you can easily return the wall to its original appearance. If you go back to buying wallpaper later, their color may differ, it has tonal differences in each batch. The lot number must match on each of the purchased rolls. From the Editor: We express our gratitude to Natasha Lomeiko for her participation in the preparation of the material.,,