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Small-sized furniture for a small apartment - O-table by Ola Giertz Designstudio


O-table is one of the recent Swedish projects.Team Ola Giertz Designstudio. It is a compact coffee table, shaped like an old bronze candlestick with a handle. In the old days, they were used everywhere, and many of them are still kept in some families. The letter O in the name of the table can be interpreted as a circle - a figure that dominates this design. Handle, table top, leg sections - they are all round. The impetus for the creation of the project was the growingpeople's need for compact and portable furniture. Many of us love to sit in an armchair in front of the TV, over a cup of coffee. Now imagine that you wanted to sit on the sofa or even lie down on the bed. But it is unlikely that anyone would think of putting several tables in one room. It is much more convenient to have on hand a convenient piece of furniture that can be moved from place to place without much effort. Ergonomic handle provides a secure gripand the bowl-shaped table top prevents objects from slipping when the table is moved with them in a horizontal position. The combination of these elements endows the design with a minimalist aesthetics and graphicality. Categories: Places: • •

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