Decor of small squares

Interior ideas for a small apartment: repairs before delivery


The apartment, which will be discussed laterrestored specifically for rent. However, after the amazing metamorphoses that occurred to her thanks to the designer Masha Zhuchkova, the owners decided to live for some time in it themselves. Moreover, the dimensions are quite modest, the ceilings are low, and the budget for investment is small. Meanwhile, the new look turned out to be original,stylish, spacious and comfortable, with bright accents and attractive accessories. The layout is standard, the area is 58 m2, and the height is 2.5 m. According to the author of the project, housing has not been repaired since its purchase, therefore, since the 70s of the last century. It, like many others, was gloomy, cramped and dirty brown in color, and a long narrow corridor only worsened the general perception. In general, a complete set of the post-Soviet past. The main wish of the owners is light and space innatural style without frills and pretentiousness. At the same time, I wanted to keep the existing furniture and use the cheapest materials. In order to realize the first requirement, it was decided to paint the walls white, while maintaining the texture of concrete. This technique helps to increase the level of reflectivity. For the finishing of the floor, the most common pine boards were picked up, which are not only happy with their appearance, but also their price. The clear lacquer gives a haze and looks completely natural. This material is rarely used in urban construction, most often for private homes. Meanwhile, given the specifics of the project, the tree looks unusual, homely cozy. In the hallway and the kitchen, where the load is slightly higher, preference is given to ceramic tiles with beautiful ethnic patterns. For convenience and for practical purposes, the lining of the bathroom is also made of ceramics, but the most elementary (small white tile). This type of accommodation often has a smallstoreroom in the hallway for all belongings, but rather trash, which is there for years and accumulates. In this case, a small nook was converted into a kind of dressing room with rods for outerwear. Such a move made it possible to avoid the installation of bulky cabinets, instead of them a large mirror was mounted, adding light and depth to the space, as well as convenient shelves. The issue of storage in the kitchen is resolved with the help of a headset, without large wall cabinets, this made it possible not to reduce the already small room. For the bedroom, they used a large wardrobe that holds everything needed; in the living room, there were original hanging pedestals, a chest of drawers and light frame shelves for books and other trifles. Lighting in the apartment only wisely supplemented. The main, central sources have already been, it remains to add only a local highlight of each thematic area. All the lamp is concise and simple in form. So, in the living room - this is the usual suspensions without lampshades, and in the hallway - cartridges for the ceiling, in the kitchen - diode tapes. The most noticeable and major detail is the suspension in the black hall. Due to his appearance, he brings together the whole situation and creates a sense of integrity. Considerable importance is given to mirrors that can additionally bring light into the room; this tendency is fully reflected in the project. They create an amazing game of shadows and colors. The basis of color solutions in this designthe idea was a white color, acting as a universal base for further accomplishments. In the hallway at the request of customers added a little juicy, sunny shades with the help of orange-colored facades on the hinged shelves. The cooking area had to be in harmony with the massive and solid wooden dining table. The combination of the matte surface of the headset and the gray worktop looks best. For the room was chosen as a contrasting blue color. It brings freshness and revitalization. The author added heavy textiles for night curtains and light beige to the rich brown-red bedside curbstones and backrest for everything else. In the hall, attention is focused on the green chair and a comfortable large gray sofa. The main idea of ​​the room color is that, if desired, the owners can easily change the interior decoration only with the help of decorative accessories, without changing the basics. All the furniture that belonged to the ownersthey tried to keep the apartments, and what was additionally bought was simple, not elaborate and economically attractive. Thus, managed to stay within the allocated budget. Textiles and additional decor when makinginterior decoration was used at a minimum. According to the author, I wanted to leave an understatement, some incompleteness, which invites owners to take further actions, allowing them to fill the space with themselves. Some interesting details have been preserved from the past life of the dwelling, for example a table lamp, which is now located in the living room on the dresser. Things have been given a new life, the old and dusty lampshade has been dragged out, and the frame has been slightly updated. In recognition of Masha Zhuchkova she would callScandinavian style chosen, mainly because of its naturalness, great functionality, simplicity and IKEA furniture. However, its implementation was not initially set as a goal, the bet was on the European interior. There was a desire to create a spacious and bright room. The fact that this was possible is evidenced by the desire of customers to live in an apartment for a while, and not to rent it out. A few tips for readers on how to bring this author's concept to life on their own:

  • White walls. Such a color solution can improve even the most hopeless surfaces. To do this, it is enough to remove the old coating, and fill the strong irregularities. Thus, you get a live texture at minimal cost.
  • Include wood in the finishing materials, it adds comfort, softness and naturalness to any interior.
  • One should not avoid mirrors, because there is a lot of benefit from them: aesthetics, the shrinking of natural light and its play.
  • For lighting, consider several options at once, and once you are in an electrical goods store, you will be able to orient yourself much more quickly, making a choice towards the most acceptable budget.
  • Any storage system for a person is always small, we all have a tendency to accumulate. Therefore, do revision of things more often, do not allow littering, get rid of all unnecessary.