Organization of space

Interior odnushki: 4 ideas how to equip the kitchen in a one-room apartment


How to be, when there is not enough place, and want to live fulllife and not choose the lesser of two evils? Here - the most effective ideas for equipping the kitchen in odnushke It so happened in our country that the kitchens were either communal, or very close. Dull Soviet planning has always made its own adjustments in the desire to equip a stylish and beautiful kitchen. As for 5-7 square meters. m create a comfortable environment for a family of 2-4 people? The task is not simple, but there is a way out.

Idea number 1: remove the refrigerator from the kitchen

Yes exactly. The refrigerator is the largest unit, occupying almost half of a small kitchen. So why not remove it from there at all? It is fraught with the fact that you will have to go for food a little further (for example, in a room or in a hallway), but in the kitchen an extra square meter will be released.

Idea number 2: custom made furniture

So it turned out that to choose furniture, perfectsuitable for the kitchen, is something of a fantasy level. No matter how carefully you measure each corner, the gaps will always be. To avoid them, and visual inconsistencies, it is better to make furniture to order. So you get a kitchen that will give you aesthetic pleasure, and even the equipment you need.

Idea number 3: cooking only

If your kitchen is very small (4-5 sq. M.), Make of it only a cooking area. Saving the space occupied by the dining table is obvious. And you can eat in the room.

Idea # 4: combining kitchen and rooms

This is quite a popular lately reception,which allows you to free up square meters and communicate with guests or family members without running from the kitchen to the room. The main thing - to provide a good hood, so that the smells do not scatter around the apartment. And if necessary, the zones can be divided bar bars, partitions or even an aquarium.